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"Bad Medicine (Part 1 of 4): The Broken Heart of the World": Aeon reveals himself to be Jeremiah Cain (Black Betty's mentor and Mago's one-time student). He explains that

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Wildcats: World's End #27 is an issue of the series WildCats: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2010.

Synopsis for "Bad Medicine (Part 1 of 4): The Broken Heart of the World"

Aeon reveals himself to be Jeremiah Cain (Black Betty's mentor and Mago's one-time student). He explains that he knew Armageddon was coming and left his physical body to travel between dimensions to prepare for it. After discovering The Doctor was dead and Gaia had been driven insane, he decided to use her to bring them back to Earth. He then adopted the guise of Aeon to continue his quest to become powerful to stop a mysterious threat he says will destroy the universe.

Voodoo and Sir Edwin have re-entered the Garden of Ancestral Memory only to find it is dying. The latter explains to a stunned Voodoo that since the Garden is tied to Earth at its deepest level, it also tied to Gaia. In which Gaia had been afflicted so much from Armageddon in both body and soul, her negative experience is channeling her connection to the Garden is the reason why it is dying.

Meanwhile, John Lynch and Team 7 are attempting to activate the Warguard. Christine Blaze is very unsure about this, as she shares her problems to Marc Slayton given that the Warguard are uncontrollable and that Lynch hasn't been himself to even consider of activating the Warguard. Suddenly, Blaze and Slayton felt a large tremor coming from where the Warguard are stored. The two raced there to find the Warguard are taken away from Team 7 as soon as they awaken. But in reality, Grunge was able to use Shift-Doors to teleport two of the Warguard to his location. But the final member is missing.

Ladytron finds a gathering of robots deep within the Abu Simbel temple. She learns from them that they came there to follow a "prophecy coding" to await a sign, which happens to be Ladytron herself that they expected. She then begins to rally them.

Spartan finally has his replacement legs but matter aren't going well back on Earth as Cain takes out Black Halo and Winter. Cain then tells Mago he intends to fly into the Earth's core to absorb the entirety of the planet's magic. As Cain enters into the earth, Jackson King orders Fuji and Hellstrike to follow him as their bodies can handle the subterranean pressures. Following this, King plans on finding a way for Mago to confront his former student but is cut short by a still threatening Gaia, who subdues the heroes with a strong gust of wind. However, Gaia is then blasted by the arrival of Ladytron who shows up with her robotic reinforcements.

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  • Spartan mentions in hearing reports of Love Rocket and Pagan's injuries in Africa, which happened in Wildcats: World's End #25.


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