"Hawaii 2.0": Argos the sorcerer is trying to take over Hawaii using his army of magical creatures. Majestic threatens to follow Argos back to his world and destroy it piece by piece if he does not cease his attack. At first Argos does not believe Majestic will do it. But then he sees the ruthle

Quote1.png One day, Lord Majestros, when I have united my world under my banner, perhaps we will make war. But for now, I leave you to your wasteland with a word of advice. Rule it with an iron fist. Quote2.png

Wildcats: World's End #9 is an issue of the series WildCats: World's End (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2009.

Synopsis for "Hawaii 2.0"

Argos the sorcerer is trying to take over Hawaii using his army of magical creatures. Majestic threatens to follow Argos back to his world and destroy it piece by piece if he does not cease his attack. At first Argos does not believe Majestic will do it. But then he sees the ruthlessness in Majestic's eyes. Realizing Majestic will do what he says, Argos decides to retreat. Just then, Majestic hears Jodi calling the Wildcats for help.

Majestic asks Jodi and Nemesis what they are doing and Jodi tells him they were calling the Wildcats for help against Argos. Majestic tells Spartan that their help is not needed but Spartan insists on visiting in the interest of friendship. With some hesitation, Majestic agrees.

The Wildcats discuss whether Jodi and Nemesis are being help against their will. As their new team leader, the Wildcats look to Voodoo for ideas. Voodoo deduces that if they are being held against their will, it's with something other than the threat of violence. She tells the team that she'll further discuss her plan en route. She tells Ladytron to stay behind and protect the refugees. When Ladytron asks why, Voodoo tells her that since Majestic was once like a father figure to Ladytron, she believes once in Hawaii, Ladytron will either give them away or try to kill Majestic herself. Ladytron doesn't appreciate the comment and storms away.

Outside the Halo Building, Lord Defile and Lady Decadence observe the Wildcats flying out to sea. He tells his forces that the Halo Building is vulnerable and they prepare an attack force.

The Wildcats arrive in Hawaii and are amazed to find the island completely rebuilt, with no signs of the damage caused by Armageddon. Majestic attempts to welcome them peacefully but Zealot demands to see Jodi and Nemesis. Majestic presents them immediately, telling Zealot he hopes they can move past the lingering hostility. Nemesis palms Voodoo a note that reads "He can hear every word we say".

Later at a luau, Grifter asks Majestic how Hawaii seems so unaffected since the Earth was moved off it's axis. Majestic claims to have fixed that. Spartan reminds Majestic that such an action would cause tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and storms. Majestic claims to have dealt with all of that as well. Spartan then asks Majestic to explain why he has focused all his energy on rebuilding Hawaii and not the rest of the world. Majestic tells him that he cannot be everywhere at once. If he had left Hawaii unguarded for too long, someone like Argos could easily kill everyone on the island. Spartan then challenges Majestic by inviting him on a mission to Asia to see how they can help there while the Wildcats protect Hawaii. Majestic seems reluctant at first but agrees when Spartan asks what he's afraid of. As Majestic leaves Nemesis accompanies him, much to the Wildcats' surprise. Nemesis claims she still loves him.

As the Wildcats are led to their rooms for the night, Grifter calls Jodi over to give her something. He says he's seen her father, Marc Slayton, and says he's doing well. He says Marc is taking care of some things and couldn't come back with him, but he sent Jodi one of his old Backlash masks. He also tells Jodi that her father is very proud of her for carrying on the name and for everything she's doing. As Jodi's tears flow, Grifter comforts her.

The next day, Majestic and Spartan make sure things are in order with the Wildcats before they leave. Majestic tells them that if they need him to call for him and he will hear them.

Their first stop is Japan which, as Majestic previously pointed out, is under water. Majestic updates Spartan about the status of Stormwatch and The Authority. Majestic says Stormwatch has pretty much left him alone and considers The Authority's situation too dangerous to get involved.

Back in Hawaii, Zealot and Nemesis are running through a combat ritual. Voodoo and Grifter uses some working cell phones to text each other so as not to alert Majestic to their conversation. Voodoo says they need to find a way to talk with Nemesis. Grifter lets her know that Coda warriors, such as Zealot and Nemesis, have a way of communicating through their fighting techniques.

Jodi is busy showing Jeremy and Reno the waterfall power source for the island. When their voices are covered by the roar of the water, the guys ask Jodi how Majestic is keeping them here. Jodi tells them that Majestic contacted them and said he'd leave "her" alone if they joined him. Jeremy asks Jodi who she's taking about.

Just then, Nemesis uses the Coda combat language to inform Zealot who Jodi was referring to. Zealot races to the palace basement where she finds Savant being held captive.

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Synopsis for "Team Achilles: Into the Fire - Chapter 1"

Team Achilles has been stuck in the Project Entry Universe for years now (after the events of Stormwatch: Team Achilles #23). Ben Santini and Flint are married, but their relationship is straining, and the team has been searching abandoned Stormwatch bases looking for a working teleporter. They have Baron Chaos (along with the other villains) in tow with them who apparently has made a truce with the team. They finally find a working teleporter and Baron Chaos uses the power in his suit to help activate the teleporter. Santini announces to the team that they're finally going to go home.

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