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The Wildcats, officially the Wild Covert Action Team (WildC.A.T.s), is a team created for the Kherubim-Daemonite war. Formed by Emp of Khera, the team was made up of several Kherubum half-breeds, including Spartan, Zealot, Maul, Grifter and Voodoo.



In galactic history, there was a colossal conflict between two races, the monstrous Daemonites and the humanoid Kherubim. Two ships, one piloted by each of these races, crashed on Earth after a dogfight between the two, and the aliens attempted to integrate with the natives.[1] In recent times, the Kheran Lord Emp formed a Covert Action Team to fight against Daemonite activities on Earth.

The team met a young woman named Voodoo and took her on as a member. With her, they fought the Daemonite Lords Helspont and Hightower. The team also met (and fought with) Lord Emp's brother, Lord Entropy.

Around the time Stormwatch began operations, the team fought the witch known as Tapestry in an adventure that introduced them to Mister Majestic, Savant and Soldier, as well as a man known only as Huntsman. Initially, it was believed that Daemonites could not breathe Earth's air, but subsequent encounters have revised this claim. Most of the people the team encountered were half-breed Kherubim or Daemonite warlords, with half of the WildStorm Universe eventually turning out to be one or the other. As the team grew more confident, its members began having solo adventures.

Nevertheless, the team mostly kept to itself, while groups like Wetworks and the Team 7 veterans investigated the extent of I.O.'s manipulation of Gen-Factor research. Even the revelation of Emp, Majestic and Zealot's Cold War histories as superheroes did not change this, though the entire superhero community became involved when the WildC.A.T.s tried to gain control of what they thought was a Daemonite starship, which resulted in most of the team journeying into space while Grifter stayed on Earth, having espionage-related adventures.[2] To everyone on Earth, they mistaken the WildC.A.T.s to be dead in which Savant and Majestic decided to create their own team of WildC.A.T.s to continue the cause. This new roster includes Condition Red, Ladytron, and Tao.[3]

Kheran Truth

The original WildC.A.T.s had the opportunity to venture to Khera where they found what appeared to be paradise. The Kherubims had won the Daemonite-Kherubim war and were living in prosperity. Appearances were deceiving, however, in which the team discovered the planet was run by power-hungry politicians who have ruthlessly subjugated the Daemonites as second-class citizens.[4] Voodoo, with her Daemonite blood, experienced this firsthand. Maul's race was also treated unjustly and though Emp, Warblade and Zealot were seduced by promises of power and recognition, Spartan discovered the truth about Khera's corrupt leaders. It took the death of one of Maul's race for the WildC.A.T.s to leave and head back for Earth.[5] Disillusioned by the outcome of the war offworld and their selfishness, the team fell apart. Voodoo and Emp left the team, while the others joined Savant and Majestic's new team.[6]

New WildC.A.T.s

During the original team's absence, the new WildC.A.T.s began a war on crime in which they captured and imprisoned super-criminals in a virtual-reality prison in the Halo Building.[7] However, their actions led to a deadly gang war in which it was exacerbated by the bombing of Clark's Bar, a tavern for superheroes.[8] The WildC.A.T.s formed an alliance with Stormwatch to stop the gang war while at the same time participating in the Fire from Heaven event. The team eventually discovered that Tao was responsible for causing the gang war and the bombing of Clark's Bar for his own twisted amusement.[9] Tao was subsequently executed by Majestic, but the WildC.A.T.s learned too late that Tao had faked his death in which Majestic only killed his body double.[10][11]

Voodoo and Grifter both left the team around this time to have their own adventures, while Zealot briefly joined Backlash's Wildcore team.

Savant Garde

A group called the Puritans struck in a campaign to eradicate the Kherubim and the Daemonites from Earth. The team included Grifter, Condition Red and new members Mythos (a Kherubim Lord), Olympia (a Coda-trained Daemonite) and Sister Eve (the daughter of Emp's brother, Lord Entropy). The team traveled in time, and had various adventures through different eras, until they came back.

Between the rosters

During one mission, Zealot was apparently killed. This led to the dissolution of the team. Around this time, Lord Emp began the process of becoming a Kheran High Lord, as the solo members began fighting villains like Kenyan and C. C. Rendozzo. They were tangentially involved in a battle between Stormwatch and a batch of xenomorphs, which led to the destruction of the team and the founding of the Authority.

Void and Emp ended up having Spartan absorb their assets and powers, and he had a series of adventures with Ladytron and Grifter, with Maul and Voodoo meeting them sometimes, and the heroes being helped by a woman named Noir, and Agents Wax and Mohr of the National Park Service. Warblade and Max Cash met the group once, and Olympia Atreides was killed. Finally, the heroes fought Samuel "Slaughterhouse" Smith (a superhuman serial killer whose grandfather had met Team One years previously), after which eventually Zealot returned.

Corporate culture for a better world

With control of the HALO Corporation, Spartan (now Jack Marlowe) began pursuing an agenda to better the world by proliferating advanced technology and power sources throughout the world via the HALO Corporation. Grifter was his troubleshooter and Agent Wax was one of his first associates. Their adventures intersected with a motley selection of people, including the power broker C.C. Rendozzo and her organization, Agent Orange, and Grifter's unlikely pupil Edwin Dolby, one of HALO's accountants. Around this time, Zealot decided to destroy the Coda chapter she created on Earth. Also around this time, Wildcats foe Tao formed a criminal organization that instigated the events of the Authority's coup d'etat, which led to the Authority (briefly) taking over the government of the United States.

Mister Majestic briefly visited New Earth, before becoming active as a solo adventurer. Meanwhile, the Wildcats were quite active when they met the rogue telepathic Coda warrior known as Charis, Lady Nemesis.


During the Worldstorm, the Wildcats tried to help Captain Atom return to his universe and stop him from accidentally destroying their reality. Nikola, a female medic became the new Void with Captain Atom sharing a part of the power that eventually remade the Wildstorm universe altogether.

In this new world, Spartan (now with the civilian identity of Jack Marlowe and a superheroic identity as "Hadrian") created a new team, on the basis that the world needed a superteam which was not dependant on childish public approval. His team consisted of Spartan, Mr. Majestic, Zealot, Grifter, Voodoo, Savant, and Ladytron. Warblade was undercover for the team, and Maul had retired to his civilian identity. Kaizen Gamorra returned as a villain, aided by the WildCats' first enemy, Helspont.

World's End

 Main article: World's End Trilogy

In the wake of the Number of the Beast incident, Earth was left devastated. The Wildcats defended Los Angeles from the High's Reapers until the clones detonated in a nuclear explosion in which Spartan spent his powers in shielding the city.[12] In the aftermath, the Wildcats survived Armageddon and rescued survivors from the ruined city, and giving them shelter at the Halo Building, the only structure in Los Angeles survived intact and powered by its limited Halo Batteries; in which the Wildcats could not access Otherspace to produce more Halo Batteries due to Spartan losing his Void powers.[13] The team faced opposition from Majestic, who conducted frequent raids on the Halo Building for its technology to support his newly formed Kherabim-based society in Hawaii. This conflict was eventually settled, in which Majestic agreed to leave the Wildcats alone in exchange for allowing more survivors rescued by the Wildcats to his "New Khera".[14]

The Wildcats later faced Daemonite forces led by Lord Defile and Lady Decadence in which they established a permanent settlement in the city. After an intense battle, both sides came to a tenuous truce organized by Voodoo in which the Daemonites were allowed to govern their habitual sections of the city and were forbidden to attack any humans within out of their gained territories.[15][16] Following their parlay with Defile, Nemesis and Backlash abruptly left the Wildcats to join Majestic's New Khera. However, the Wildcats soon received a distress message from Backlash requesting for rescue from Majestic. Leaving Ladytron to guard the Halo Building, the Wildcats traveled to Hawaii on a pretense for a friendly visit where they discovered that Majestic's New Khera is in better conditions than any other places.[17] Though the team was deeply suspicious of Majestic's kingdom and their suspicions were confirmed when they discovered Majestic has been keeping Savant and other Kheran pure bloods against their will to be use for artificial breeding.[18] The Wildcats once again came into conflict against Majestic in which Nemesis sacrificed her life in a failed attempt to kill her lover.[19] The team retreated to the Halo Building, which was under attack by Defile and his Daemonites, who broke the truce to gain access to the building's technologies to Otherspace. The team then made the ultimate decision to rid the Daemonites and Majestic by opening a portal to Otherspace at the cost of destroying the Halo Building right after the Wildcats evacuated the survivors. Although Majestic survived the attempt, but gave up his pursuit of the Wildcats.[20]

The Wildcats eventually made contact with John Lynch and Team-7 (whom Grifter had been consulting them from behind the scenes) in which the former needed their help to stop their ex-member, Tao, from becoming a nihilistic god. They learned Tao had captured the new Void and Providence in which he had gained their essence of Creation, and is in the process of searching Max Faraday, the man who is capable of undoing Armageddon. Furthermore, they also learned that Tao was responsible for manipulating Majestic and his extremist actions. The Wildcats agreed to join Team-7's mission and they launched an assault on Tao's headquarters in Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, Tao proved himself to be too powerful after siphoning Void and Providence's cosmic powers.[21] Even Spartan, who was able to become Jack Marlowe after Void granted her remaining powers to him, was unable to stop Tao. Both teams were forced to retreat after Providence willingly sacrificed herself in delaying Tao. With their assault on Tao deemed a disaster, the teams realized their only hope to stop Tao was to find Max Faraday. Through Spartan's powers, they eventually find Faraday on a tropical island where he secluded himself and his family. They learned from Faraday that he was responsible for the "Rapture" of several billion people he saved from Armageddon and he had no interests to help them to stop Tao, in which he reveals he had lost his faith in superheroes and deeming them responsible for causing the many deadly disasters to befall on humanity.[22] Instead, Faraday decided to wait for a time when the surviving superhumans wiped each other out in order for humanity to be free of them. However, the teams convinced him otherwise as Tao and his Syndicate attacked Faraday's island.[23]

A tremendous battle was fought between the Wildcats, Team-7, Faraday, Majestic (who was summoned after discovering Tao's manipulations) and the Syndicate in which Tao was almost defeated until Tao's underling Pit Bull held Faraday's wife, Susanna, hostage. Faraday was forced to reveal the Creation Equation to Tao, fulfilling his path to godhood.[24] Fortunately, Ladytron overheard Faraday's words for the Equation in which she copied it and beamed it into the ears of all the heroes, and they all shared the same powers as Tao. But Tao again undermined his opponents by sending them all to the Hollow Realm where they confronted their personal fears and weaknesses in order for him to face against Spartan and Faraday.[25] Ultimately, Tao had the advantage over the weakened heroes until the intervention of Void and Susanna, who chose a non-violent solution against Tao. They revealed to him that he still has flaws which still exist within him despite his new godhood; he is still a traumatized man who never experienced love and affection while he was raised as a lab experiment that led to his destructive personality. Because of his trauma, Spartan and Voodoo revealed to Tao that the Creation Equation will inevitably "fix" his trauma, which will then reform him into a good person. This revelation deeply troubled Tao, making him reluctantly relinquish some of his powers rather than allow the Equation to reform him. This became Tao's mistake, which allowed Grifter to shoot Tao in the head. Tao then immediately disappeared and what remains of his powers were returned to Void and Faraday. After Tao's defeat, Faraday was humbled by the Wildcats and Team-7's unselfish efforts and he regained his faith in superheroes. Faraday tasked the Wildcats and other heroes to repair their world and gave them new and improved costumes based on their original 1990s era attires; in which Lord Emp's original costume designs for the Wildcats was to inspire normal people who saw them as heroes.[26]

While searching for The High in Colorado, the Wildcats were among the many heroes summoned to UnLondon by the Authority and were offered the chance to leave Earth on the Authority's repaired Carrier. Though, the Wildcats decided to remain on Earth, but due to circumstances Grifter departed Earth when UnLondon's human refugees panicky stormed onto the Carrier. After the Carrier departed Earth, the Wildcats and the other earthbound heroes battled against the Knights of Khera and its military forces of the Red Blade.[27] The Wildcats and many of Earth's heroes were able to defeat the Knights after killing many of its core members and banishing the Red Blade back in the Bleed. But at the costs of several heroes, including Dingo, H.E.R.B., Geek, Disperse, and (possibly) Redeemer as they were responsible for the banishment of the Red Blade as sent by Spartan on a suicide mission; and Warblade and Stormwatch's Fahrenheit being critically wounded during the battle.[28]

In the aftermath, Spartan was damaged during the conflict and installed to the database of Stormwatch's space station Skywatch. Still declared as leader of Earth's heroes, Spartan established a long term plan in restoring Earth's cataclysmic state and as well unifying the planet as a whole. However, his well intention plans for Earth were not receptive from such individuals including Zealot and Maul. In which the dissenters left the Wildcats and proceeded to help Earth on their own way: Zealot and Maul decided to organizing humanity into a defense force against any future alien attacks. Spartan also assigned Voodoo, the resurrected former Earth's Doctor Sir Edwin, Ladytron, and Jackson King in finding the planet's current Doctor following the Authority's Doctor (Habib bin Hassan) had went insane.[29]


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