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Wildcore was a strike team created by Backlash and Taboo to fight the D'rahn, an older third party in the Kherubim/Daemonite conflict.


Marc Slayton (aka Backlash) and his girlfriend Amanda Reed (aka Taboo) worked with the U.S. government's secret organization Department PSI. Slayton had collected a group of superhuman agents to assist him in his missions, but many of these agents have left or are reassigned. As a replacement, Wildcore was formed to combat the alien D'rahn.

The D'rahn are an ancient enemy of the Kherubim and Daemonites, who had appeared again after millennia of absence and were planning on taking over the world and the galaxy. The D'rahn claimed the Kherubim, their former allies, betrayed them and therefore want revenge on the Kherubim first and foremost. Backlash, being half-Kherubim, and Ferrian, a full-blood Kherubim, are both members of Wildcore, making Wildcore a primary target for the D'rahn. Department PSI-director, Antonio Giovanni, also hired Zealot, another Kherubim, who has experience fighting the D'rahn.

Zealot is sent to infiltrate the Norfolk Naval base, where General Gant resided. Gant, as the leader of the Puritans (a group of humans who plan on eliminating all aliens on Earth) had a list with all suspected aliens on Earth. The D'rahn planned on obtaining the list so they can locate and strike against the remaining Kherubim on Earth. The Norfolk Naval base was protected by the Chasers, a group of superhumans, but when the D'rahn attacked, the Chasers turned out to be no match for them. Zealot, Gant and the Chaser-leader Brawl survived the D'rahn's initial attack, but it turns out that Gant was in fact a Daemonite. Gant and his Daemonites made a deal with the D'rahn: they will serve the D'rahn and in return the D'rahn will spare them. The D'rahn then revealed their special ability, "Enlightenment", which allowed them to change a being into a more powerful, evolved version. The D'rahn enlightened Gant's Daemonites. Wildcore was sent in and they manage to delete most of the list, but ten names remain on it. Brawl joined Wildcore and the team sets out to protect the names on the list.

The first target was Guy Blackfoot, but Wildcore was too late. Blackfoot is killed and one of the D'rahn enlightened his fiance Alea, changing her into a superhuman. Meanwhile Zealot and Ferrian asked Mister Majestic for assistance against the D'rahn. It is also revealed that the mage Azrum, part of Backlash's former group in Department PSI, was asked by Giovanni to seek out the witch Tapestry, hoping to use her magic against the D'rahn. Azrum hasn't contacted them since, so Wildcore decided to go on the offensive; Department PSI then located the D'rahn's base and Wildcore attacks. They were joined by Majestic and he killed the D'rahn's leader, Typhon. The D'rahn retreated to regroup.

Wildcore later investigate Azrum's disappearance and find that Tapestry had captured him. Tapestry used her magic to enslave Zealot and wanted to reshape the world in her image. The other Wildcore members manage to interfere with the spell; however, Wildcore and Tapestry were transported to a medieval-type world, and no longer remember their past. Only Ferrian managed to regain his memory and gathered his former team to oppose Tapestry. They succeeded and return to Earth, but Styrian was killed and Geist, a being native from the medieval world who fell in love with Taboo, followed them back to Earth. Zealot left the team shortly afterwards.

By 2001, Geist joined Wildcore and Alea has become an active member. The team was sent to Antarctica to quell the riot in Purgatory Maximum Security Penitentiary (nicknamed Purgatory Max), a prison for dangerous superhumans; supervillain Baron Tödt and his group, the Axis, entered the prison, killed all personnel and released all prisoners. Despite Taboo's bad feelings about the mission, the team entered the prison. The missions turns out disastrous: the inmates overpowered the separated Wildcore-members and kill most of them. Taboo was saved by inmate Hangman, a prisoner who was seeking salvation. He warned her that the prison was about to explode. Backlash finds the explosives a second before they blow and was caught in the blast. Another inmate, former DV8-member Evo, who had been Hangman's cellmate, saved Backlash and took him outside. Evo, Backlash and Taboo were all badly hurt and lose consciousness. Hangman congratulated Evo on doing the right thing, activates Backlash's beacon and left. Department PSI arrived and find only five survivors. Director Giovanni ordered that the survivors to be rush for intensive treatment.

Crimson, now calling herself Jet, would go on to avenge her father and friends by looking for the escaped inmates and capturing them. Midnighter was asked to do the same by Jackson King and assisted Jet for a while, but allowed her to handle things herself as she wishes. Wildcore was declared defunct. Backlash would appear without any of his teammates and with a bionic leg replacing the leg he lost in the Purgatory Max explosion.

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