Wildebeest is an alias used by several characters related to the Teen Titans, originally belonging to the Wildebeest Society. This society was orchestrated by the original Wildebeest, who made sure only one member appeared in public at a time. Using this method, the Titans believed there was only one Wildebeest and could not track his methods. Jericho became their leader after turning evil, forcing his father Deathstroke to kill him. They later experimented with housing the souls of Azarath, creating a monster called Baby Wildebeest. The monster would join the Titans, taking Pantha and Red Star as its adoptive parents. Eventually he was killed alongside his mom during Infinite Crisis by Superboy-Prime. Wildebeest was created by Marv Wolfman and Eduardo Barreto, first appearing in New Teen Titans (Volume 2) #36. (1987)

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