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Wildfire is the younger brother of Starfire and Blackfire.

Five years before Starfire landed on Earth, Tamaran was attacked by an alien species called the Gordanians. Wanting to protect their firstborn son, heir to the throne, the king and queen put their son Wildfire in a rocket ship and sent him into space. Their eldest daughter Blackfire, an antagonistic child, was then next in line to take the throne.

Years after Starfire landed on Earth and had formed the Teen Titans, Wildfire had apparently been found and wanted to reunite with his sister. Starfire was ecstatic to see her brother for the first time since they were children and happily greeted him. However, that night, after showing him around, Wildfire ambushed the Titans, revealing that he was actually the shape-shifter Madame Rouge in disguise. Rouge had gotten all the details about Wildfire from Blackfire in order to infiltrate the Titans' headquarters.

Afterwards, Starfire confronted her sister, who was still in prison for her earlier crimes, stating that she planned to one day find the real Wildfire because he was the only family she considered she had left. [1]