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Wildstar was a member of the R.E.B.E.L.S.

Wildstar was born on the planet Starhaven a planet colonized by Amerinds from Earth. The Anasazi tribe was abducted by the Athranian genetic engineers, who hoped to use them as test subjects. However, the Athranians were overthrown by Spider Guild. The Anasazi tribe were left to their own devices. The genetic experiments endow them with wings and the ability to survive in space without oxygen or protection from the rigors of space.[1]

Wildstar was born a mutant of her people as she had the innate tracking ability, which manifested itself as the knack to find anyone in her village and see hidden things. However, she was also born with deformed wings, which led to her being shunned by her tribe. Mocked and ignored by her peers, she lived alone.

Some time around the Final Crisis, Vril Dox came to Starhaven seeking a volunteer for his second R.E.B.E.L.S. team to combat L.E.G.I.O.N.. The chief, Chief Night Sky seeing a way to rid himself of a nuisance, sent the old woman out with the alien. Vril Dox II saw great potential in her power for tracking people. Vril Dox II promised her that if she comes with him and joins the team he will give her the power of flight. Wildstar with this knowledge agrees to go with the strange visitor.

Subsequently, Vril Dox II kept his promise but not exactly, but now in the way Wildstar expected. He strapped her into a machine and turned her into an anti-energy being similar to Wildfire and placed her in a containment suit which gave her the power of flight as well as powerful anti-energy blasts from her visor.

They go to the planet Cairn, where L.E.G.I.O.N. has driven off Garv and Garryn Bek, but Strata and Bounder still fight on. They recruit them both on to the team and begin their investigation into Starro.


  • Starhavener Physiology: Wildstar and the other Starhaveners are genetically altered humans that receive great gifts.
    • Anti-Energy Form: Vril Dox II turned her into an anti-energy being similar to Wildfire and placed her in a containment suit.
    • Energy Projection:She is now able to produce powerful anti-energy blasts from her visor.
    • Flight: In her anti-energy form she is finally able to fly. The anti-energy is channeled out her back allowing her to construct large wings.
    • Self-Sustenance: She can survive in deep space for long periods of time without a spacesuit or oxygen.
    • Tracking: Wildstar is a master tracker and can track life forms and objects across light years of distance and through interstellar space. She can even use this ability while unconscious, asleep, under mind control, intoxicated and sensory blinded.
    • Wings: Starhaveners and other Starhavener normally have pairs of large, white-feathered wings that grow out of their upper backs, the result of genetic engineering. Hers were born small and deformed causing her to be an outcast.


  • Containment Suit: Wildstar must wear a containment suit at all time due to her anti-energy form. The suit allows her to channel the energy into wing like constructs and the visor helps her focus the energy in to a concussive blast.