"Michael Cray - Chapter Two": In a cityscape of steam and airships, Michael Cray strides proudly, in 19th century attire and brass goggles. Nearby, two young men play chess next to a fireplace, while elsewhere, a young woman totes a brass sniper rifle, ready to kill. As Michael steps into her sc

Wildstorm: Michael Cray #2 is an issue of the series Wildstorm: Michael Cray (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 2018. It was published on November 8, 2017.

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Synopsis for "Michael Cray - Chapter Two"

In a cityscape of steam and airships, Michael Cray strides proudly, in 19th century attire and brass goggles. Nearby, two young men play chess next to a fireplace, while elsewhere, a young woman totes a brass sniper rifle, ready to kill. As Michael steps into her scope, she goes to pull the trigger... but he throws down a smoke bomb, ruining the shot, and then pulls out a grappling-hook gun, swiftly putting himself at her location. Whipping out a handgun, he shoots her dead. Taking the sniper rifle, he shoots the chess players, shooting both with one bullet.

Satisfied, Michael removes a set of VR goggles and announces that three of the young people are hired. This was something of a final interview, and Michael critiques and commends the plans they tried to use on him, as he recites their names - Hector Morales, Leon Carver, and Victoria, the sniper. Hector suggests they begin at once by discussing how they will assassinate Oliver Queen, but Michael denies him, saying he will work the case alone, and leaves. Christine Trelane, who was observing, smiles cryptically as the trio grumble.

Michael is shown later, talking to his doctor, Dr Shahi about his brain tumor. Dr Shahi says that the tumor is not life-threatening, but that it is demonstrating synaptic activity, which is rare, and interesting. Michael explains that eh has recently discovered that sometimes he can dissolve things by touching them. Dr Shahi suggests that he may have hallucinated the experience, as stressed veterans have been known to. She suggests that he take up meditation. Michael says that tonight he needs to break into a sociopath's compound and kill him. Dr Shahi muses, and says that afterwards, he should schedule some meditation.

Later, Michael goes to the Second Chance Center, a center that helps the homeless using Oliver Queen's money, and where Thea, Oliver Queen's foster sister, works. Michael presents himself as an out-of-luck veteran, and Thea is receptive and sympathetic - but at the end of the interview, she whips out a taser and incapacitates Michael.

Michael wakes up that night, in the biodome tropical island sanctuary of Oliver Queen. Taking stock, he enters a nearby hut, where he finds, on a table, a handgun and an ammunition clip. Via a speaker, Oliver Queen accuses Michael of trying to fool Thea, hiding his true identity. However, he presented himself hoping that Oliver Queen would try to hunt him - and Oliver Queen wishes to hunt. The island where they will fight presents them each with only one goal - survive.

Michael suddenly realises that something under the table is beeping, and throws himself free of the hut as it explodes behind him. The speaker continues, with Oliver Queen guessing that Michael came to kill him for his monstrous crimes, but that Michael has no idea what he now faces. Picking himself up, Michael says the same is true in reverse.

An arrow suddenly buries itself in Michael's thigh, as Oliver Queen appears in view, in green armor, with a bow and a quiver of arrows. Michael cray runs for cover - but curses as his power suddenly kicks in, dissolving his handgun. He sits to remove the arrow, as Oliver Queen guesses his location, and looses another arrow into the undergrowth, which is now on fire from the burning hut.

Michael suddenly emerges from the undergrowth behind Queen, tackling him to the ground. Michael breaks the bow in half, and tries to use an arrowhead as a makeshift knife… but Oliver pulls out a hunting knife. As the two men, Oliver appears victorious, driving his knife in Michael's shoulder, forcing him to drop the arrowhead... but as Michael tries in vain to hold back Oliver's knife-holding arm, his power activates again, causing Oliver's right arm to dissolve.

As Michael clutches his head, Oliver Queen staggers after the fallen knife. Re-armed, he lurches towards Michael... but a sniper shot rings out, and Oliver Queen crumples down dead.

Victoria emerges from the undergrowth, explaining that Christine had told them that if he died, they would all be fired. Leon and Hector came up with an infiltration plan, and she took the shot. She tries to ask Michael what he did to Oliver Queen, but he does not answer.

In an EPS cell, Christine Trelane commends Thea Queen for being so helpful. She issued a statement to the press that Oliver had died in an accident. She is giving them all the technology they asked for, and she understands that she gets to keep what remains provided she agrees to be useful.

Later, Michael is discussing what he did to Oliver Queen with Dr Shahi. Dr Shahi offers to insist that eh take sick leave, but Michael refuses - he doesn't want to be rid of this power, he wants to understand how to use it on bad people. Shrugging, Dr Shahi says he should call his boss about that. Wishing him well, she leaves.

In her office, Christine Trelane advises Michael to not underestimate Dr Shahi, saying she is "more than she appears". She says she has another man she wants him to assassinate - a corrupt policeman named Barry Allen. However, this case is time-sensitive - it needs to be dealt with fast...


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