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     Reality names were reused several times. See also Earth 50.

The Wildstorm Universe, also known as Earth-50, is one of fifty-one divergent realities that branched from the core New Earth reality during the recreation of the Multiverse shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. On this alternate earth, metahumans have no inhibitions against removing human political leadership if they engage in initiatives that harm others.

In the wake of Flash: Flashpoint this reality along with the Vertigo Universe was merged with New Earth. Convergence restored this to existence as a reality separate from the post-Flashpoint Prime Earth.



Immortal aliens such as the Kherubim have effectively guided Earth's history since ancient times, which has led to creation of legends and myths about gods, demons and heavenly places based on their activities on Earth. However, the majority of stories in the Wildstorm universe are farther away from reality. One notable difference is the takeover of the United States of America by the lethal superhuman team, the Authority.


Unlike other earths, where metahumans are often seen as benevolent guardians of the common good, Earth-50 for the most part sees metahumans as something to be controlled and regulated. The metahumans, in turn, see the regular people in much the same light. The tensions between the humans and metahumans reached a boiling point after the extremely powerful Doctor suffered a heroin overdose around the same time as major cities became plagued by natural disasters, which led to suggestions that the Doctor's drug use was adversely affecting the entire planet. Though the two events were eventually revealed to be unrelated, pundits proclaimed them to be evidence that the metahumans' intentions towards them were malevolent; one pundit even suggested that the Doctor had deliberately created the disasters for fun. This led to the Authority getting ousted and briefly replaced with a more government-friendly team, the first of several attempts by the world's governments to prevent the metahumans from altering the status quo.

Many of the metahumans in the Wildstorm Universe owe their powers to being either born Gen-active, through alien-human heritage, or being transformed into 'seedlings' through exposure to the energy from a comet. Others owe their powers to magic, genetic manipulation (or mutation) or bionics (see below). A large power gap resides between Superheroes and civilians, making superhumans almost god-like. Still others owe their powers to not being human at all (see races, below).

There are five types of metahumans living in the Wildstorm Universe:

  • Alien-human hybrids: Hybrids are the result of interbreeding between humans and aliens. The most common hybrid are Kherubim-human half-breeds who inherit the powers of the Kherubim race, but also manifest unique powers not found among the immortal alien race. Examples include Voodoo, Backlash, Crimson, and Warblade.
  • Gen-Active humans: Gen-active humans are individuals who are either born exposed to the Gen-active serum, or were born Gen-Active inherited from their parents after the Post-Sigma Event. Exposed Gen-Actives usually manifest psychic powers that become stronger when a group is in close proximity. However, humans who are born Gen-active manifest a much larger range of superhuman powers such as Superhuman strength or pyrokinesis. Examples of Gen-active humans are Gen13, DV8, and Team 7.
  • Medical Intervention: Metahumans produced human invention and scientific alterations to human bodies through machinery, bio-engineering, and other physical enhancement. Examples include Midnighter and Apollo
  • Seedlings: Another type of metahuman are known as seedlings. They are people who are mutated due to a radiation of a special comet that passed close to Earth. Many who were exposed to this comet became superhuman and were known as "Comet Enhanciles" or "Seedlings". Examples include Battalion, Diva, Hellstrike, and Fuji.
  • Natural Evolution metahumans: natural mutants and metahuman anomalies produced by the Earth such as Century Babies. Examples include Jenny Sparks, The Doctor and Elijah Snow

Advanced technology

  • Kherabim technology
  • Daemonite technology


Other dimensions

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Residents of Earth-50.


  • Some Wildstorm characters appear on Crossover Earth but that is a totally different reality from this one.


  • The Wildstorm Universe used to exist as part of the Image Universe. After the Shattered Image event, the Wildstorm Universe was separated into its own reality.

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