Quote1.png No nuns... no SS... no civilian hostages! Just a German and an American soldier... doing their jobs! Quote2.png
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Wilhelm Diener was a member of the Nazis, working as a major in the second world war.

He was, along his companion Gruber, ordered to eliminate General Eisenhower.

On the way to him, Wilhelm and his companions drove through a village, killed a constable, went into a church and took the nuns as hostages. Confronted by Sgt. Rock, his companion threatened to kill a nun, but was quickly killed by his superior. They negotiated a short peace, where Wilhelm went to Eisenhower in hurry, followed by Sgt. Rock.

He nearly killed Eisenhower, but was stopped by the following Rock, who threw him off a cliff, killing him in the process. Sgt. Fury arranged a grave for him, honoring him for the saving of the nun.

  • He owned an Iron Cross
  • He was the last Nazi, Sgt. Rock faced within the first Sgt. Rock volume



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