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The Comforter was an enemy of the Flash.

Will Jones lived in Gotham City. A man by the name of Deacon Blackfire turned the homeless people into an army who robbed him, beat him, and set his house afire. They even killed his wife, Elise. This caused him to develop serious mental problems, manifesting a hatred for homeless people.

Jones relocated to New York City, where he began working for St. Jude's Shelter, presumably so that he could more easily target the homeless for revenge. He naturally had the ability to phase himself from place to place, and he further developed refined this power into phasing others, effectively microwaving them. He was given a techno-suit to further channel his powers and was paid handsomely to kill the Flash by the Turtle, hoping to prevent the hero from moving to Keystone City. However, Jones, now the Comforter, focused his energies on giving the "comfort of death" to the homeless people of New York. When he did try to kill the Flash, his suit backfired on him, killing him.[1]


  • Can phase people and objects.

Other Characteristics


  • Techno-suit, further enhances powers


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