The spitting image of his father Henry Bendix, William Bendix is the child of a call girl that Henry paid off to raise on her own in secret. William was recruited by Jackson King to be the new Weatherman (no longer a leadership role) for the reconstituted StormWatch Prime. This is due to most of the cybernetic integration systems having been designed for Henry's physiology, so William is a wise choice. Williams is deeply concerned that he will turn into his father despite King's faith that he is his own man.

William's main goal has been to crack his father's "memory tower," containing his most secret files. He manages to do this, uncovering a secret bunker in the Nevada desert and leading to a battle between The Authority and Stormwatch Prime for custody of its contents.[1] During the battle, an AI copy of Henry Bendix activates in response and proceeds to release zombie-like clones of his secret StormWatch team, StormWatch Zero (including copies of Apollo and Midnighter), seduce Rose Tattoo to his side yet again and install itself in a younger cloned body which has been engineered with the powers and abilities of every superhuman present. William arrives at the scene and convinces Rose to kill the clone of his father but not before he is seriously wounded by the reborn Henry Bendix. Although his body is not found by either of the teams after the resulting destruction of the bunker; the horrifically scarred William emerges from the wreckage, his father having psychically grafted his own consciousness onto William's mind. In control of his son's body, Bendix muses that the body is young and strong enough.[2]



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