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William Benjamin "Bill" Brady, better known as Dollar Bill, was a corporate superhero sponsored by a bank. He was a member of the Minutemen.

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An excellent college athlete from Kansas University, Dollar Bill was employed as a masked vigilante for one of the major banks in New York City, an in-house superhero. His name and costume was designed specially to represent the bank.

During the 1940s, Dollar Bill was one of masked vigilantes asked to join The Minutemen. In 1947, while he was trying to stop a bank robbery, his cape was caught in one of the bank's revolving doors; caught and helpless he was then shot in the head at close range ending his 11 year masked career and life.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Although never formally trained he gained the ability to fight hard through years of experience.[1]
  • Wrestling: Bill was an accomplished wrestler, one of his many athletic achievements.[1]

  • Hollis Mason speculated in his novel Under the Hood that if Dollar Bill designed his own costume and gotten rid of his cape, he would still be alive today.
    • This was furthered when Bill himself was recapping his life he said that he had never liked the cape and would've gotten rid of it years ago.[1]


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