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Quote1.png I bugged The Seven's H.Q., mate. Listen to the tapes if you want. Quote2.png
Billy Butcher src

William "Billy" Butcher is a charming but cunning C.I.A. agent, and the ruthless leader of the Boys.

Billy Butcher holds a strong grudge against superheroes since the death of his wife. One of them raped her and months later the fetus clawed its away out her stomach. It attacked Butcher, leaving a permanent scar in his arm with its heat vision. With no other choice left, Butcher beat it to death with a lampstand.[1]

Because of this horrible event, Butcher formed a group called The Boys to keep superheroes in check by either blackmailing them or beating them into submission. For their most recent formation, Butcher recruited Wee Hughie after his girlfriend died as collateral damage during a superhero outing.[2]