Billy is the son of Fred and Alice Cramer of Smallville. After graduating from Smallville High School, Billy was a freshman at Metropolis University. Back in Smallville he was told by Smallville High teacher Miss Hart to look up former Smallville residents Clark Kent and Lana Lang which he did. As the school year progressed Billy would follow Clark around. On parent's visitation day Billy's parents want to meet Clark and thank him for being a friend of their son and all the things that the two boys did together. This was a surprise to Clark but he didn't let Billy down. Billy's letters home were a total opposite of his reality.[1]

Due to his drinking and driving accident, Ducky Ginsberg was no longer able to live on the 8th floor dormitory so Billy was given permision to move into the shared rooms with Clark Kent. Though the move wasn't without controversy and opposed by Dave Hammond who didn't want Billy as his roommate. So, Clark's roommmate Tommy Lee moved into Dave's room and Billy moved in with Clark Kent. Billy was along with Clark when he first encounter Lori Lemaris and he also double dated with Clark and Lori. One day Clark decided to reveal to Billy who he really is Superboy.[2]

Superboy provided Billy with a Supersonic Whistle to use when an emergency arises which Billy did. Towards the end of the school year Billy wanted Clark to go to a Metros game. Clark who recently was heartbroken because Lori Lemaris was leaving and declined his invitaton of marriage. Clark exploded and let out his vented up frustrations on Billy. Later that day Billy blew the Supersonic Whistle except there was no emergency; he wanted to talk things over with Superboy. It was of no use as Superboy was still in a bad mood and threaten to melt the whistle. While Billy was in Metropolis a building was on fire and heard that a child was trapped. Billy ran into the building to rescue the trapped victim and said that his guardian angel would protect him. Instead, his guardian angel was halfway across the world saving the island of Pandango from a Tsunami. Superboy finally arrived on the scene and was able to get to Billy, but the emergency personel were unable to revive Billy who died at the scene.[3]


  • Supersonic whistle[3]
  • This version of Billy Cramer, including all history and corresponding appearances, was erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.
  • Billy was given the nickname "shadow" by Dave Hammond because Billy was always shadowing Clark Kent. Billy obviously didn't like this nickname.[2]
  • Billy's was born on August 14th 1958 and died on May 27th, 1978.[3]



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