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Liam Distal is a person closely connected to the Joker's origin. He was possibly the original Red Hood One for an indeterminate amount of time before the man who would become the Joker replaced him, or William Distal actually is the Joker who faked his own death before becoming the Clown Prince of Crime.

A body that was identified as Liam Distal's was found covered in lye after the Red Hood Gang's defeat at Ace Chemicals. The police were unable to properly evaluate the time of death because of the chemicals that covered it, meaning that, if Distal was the original Red Hood One, the Joker could have replaced him at anytime, whether it was as early as Bruce Wayne's return or as late as the chemical plant. [1]

However, according to evidence fed to Dr. Mahreen Zaheer by the Joker himself during her research into his origin, the Joker could possibly be the real William Distal who threw evidence of his DNA on an unidentified corpse to fake his death before he became the Joker. [2]




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