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Man-of-Bats (real name William Great Eagle) is a member of the Batmen of All Nations, a hero inspired by Batman.

Bill Great Eagle is a Native American doctor from South Dakota. After serving in the American army in Iraq, he was inspired to become a costumed defender by Batman, and joined the Club of Heroes. His sidekick was his son, Little Raven, modeling himself after Robin.

After the Club's dissolution, Great Eagle lived in San Francisco with his family until he and his wife broke up. Returning with his son to his extended family in South Dakota, Great Eagle retook the mantle of Man-of-Bats and worked as a social activist. Despite his heroics, his talents thrived more in medicine and healing than in crimefighting. During Final Crisis, he helped tend to the wounded during the Battle of Blüdhaven.

Great Eagle joined the Club of Heroes once more and traveled to Gotham City to aid Batman on his battle against the new organization called the Black Glove.[1]

After the formation of Batman Incorporated, Man-of-Bats and Raven Red were targeted for assassination on their Sioux reservation by the Leviathan crime organization. Batman intervened, and the father and son team defeated their attackers, suffering moderate injuries. Batman offered to give "Man-of-Bats Inc." the funds for additional vehicles, but was politely informed that anything Man-of-Bats received would go straight into his community work.



  • Man-Of-Bats is of Lakota descent.
  • Man-Of-Bats may have drawn additional inspiration from the ancestor spirit[2] of the Bat-People[3].



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