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Billy Hayes is Harm, the older brother of Secret and an enemy of Young Justice who hoped to become the world's greatest murderer.

William "Billy" Hayes was an orphan boy adopted by Burt and Ellen Hayes and their young daughter, Greta. When he was first adopted, Greta saw prophetic visions of his evil nature, but was calmed when Billy swore to protect her from the bad things of the world. However, Billy displayed signs of violence as a child. When he was 11, he sliced Burt's neck with a knife, missing his jugular by an inch.

When Billy entered his teenage years, he was approached by the demon Buzz, who offered him immense power. To gain this power, Billy put on tribal face paint and sacrificed Greta by dropping a tape-deck into her bathtub. Billy then took on the name Harm, a super villain in-training determined to become the world's greatest murderer.

Harm attacked Arrowette and stabbed one of her own arrows through her shoulder. The attack on the young super-heroine prompted her friends in Young Justice to seek out Harm, but he defeated them all easily.

Harm then captured Red Tornado, reprogrammed him, and placed a bomb in his chest. He left a clue for Young Justice and attempted to kidnap Pope John Paul II. Young Justice rescued the pontiff and removed the bomb from Red Tornado before it caused any damage, but Harm escaped during the fight.

Harm's parents, Burt and Ellen, lived in perpetual fear of their adopted 17-year-old son. One day, Burt promised Ellen he'd "handle things." While she was at her mother's for the weekend, Burt shot and killed Harm.

During the "Day of Judgment" event, Hell itself froze over, allowing the dead Harm to return to the living world through the form of Secret. As before, Harm easily defeated the members of Young Justice. But this time, Secret realized that Harm is actually her brother, Billy, who had killed her years ago. She launched herself at Harm and propelled them both over a cliff. Impulse searched the site at superspeed, and was unable to find their bodies — but Secret did eventually return.

Burt Hayes was sent to prison for murdering his adopted son. While awaiting his death sentence, Harm took over his body and led Secret to believe her father didn't love her. Secret then enlisted the help of Slobo to break her father out of prison. She then joined Darkseid, and took her father with her to Apokolips. While there, Harm forced Burt to jump into a fire pit, killing them both.





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