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The White Dragon was a white supremacist terrorist posing as a vigilante. As a domestic threat, he was countered by the Suicide Squad.


William James Heller grew up rich. As a child, he was acquainted with (one wouldn't really call them friends) Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. An only child, he grew up as a spoiled loner. One day, his family took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of a race riot, his parents were both killed. Heller went to live with his grandfather, who had supported the Nazis during World War Two. Under his grandfather, the boy went from conservative to flat out racist. When his grandfather died, he left all of his wealth to Billy, who used it fund several Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. He later founded his own white supremacist group called the Aryan Empire.

William Hell

To further his goals, he adopted the name William Hell and became a masked vigilante. He would turn over black, Latino or Asian criminals to the police while sending white ones to the nearest Aryan Empire headquarters. Black Orchid did surveillance on the man and the Suicide Squad was sent to bring him down.

Deadshot posed as William Hell at a Aryan Empire meeting. Taking the podium, Deadshot gave a positive non-racial speech to both the Aryan Empire members and black protesters. Heller showed up in costume, declaring himself to be the real William Hell. To determine who the real one was, they both took turns trying to shoot an apple off Captain Boomerang's head. Deadshot hit his mark, but the squad used Chronos' time machine to change the course of Heller's shot, causing it to miss. Deadshot then unmasked Heller, ruining his reputation.

White Dragon

Later, Heller appeared wearing a suit of armor and going by the name White Dragon. He joined the Fourth Reich in an attempt to wipe out the descendants of the original Justice Society. He was defeated by Hawkman and incarcerated.[1]

Suicide Squad

White Dragon was later recruited by the Suicide Squad. From the beginning, he rebelled against Amanda Waller, going so far as to try to kill her during a training exercise but only to have his armor booby-trapped that electrocuted him to ensure his obedience to Waller and Task Force X.[2]

White Dragon sided with the General (Wade Eiling) when he attempted to overthrow Waller and kill the rest of the Squad. As the two groups engage, Twister used her illusion powers to disable Heller. Meanwhile, the General was fighting Multiplex and a thrown duploid lands on Twister, breaking her concentration. This gives White Dragon the opening he needs and he incinerates Twister. However, Twister's death infuriated her friend Plastique, who viciously attacked Heller in which she breaks a hole in his mask, allowing her to create an explosion inside Heller's armor, killing him instantly.[3]





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