William Hunter is the adoptive father of Tim Hunter, a boy destined to be the greatest mage of Earth.

Little is known about his life, besides that he married Mary Hunter and took care of Tim as his own son. After the death of his wife he fall into depression, and this created a rift with his son.[1] As he spent most of his time watching TV, he was oblivious of the activities of Tim, as a mage.

Martyn, from the cult of the cold flame, attempted to kill him burning him, so Tim would turn to him to learn about magic, but he was saved by his son. While in hospital Mr. Vasuki treated Bill, and made him a new right hand, by magical ways. With high spirits, he met Holly Ransome, who would later be his second wife.[2]

Sadly, his happiness was not made to last, as by the continuous attacks of other magical users targeting his son, he and his wife lost their lives.[3]




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