Hotshot was a pyrokinetic who worked for the Hero Hotline.

William Lefferts was born with the metahuman ability to shoot fireballs; his guess is that his mother ate too much spicy food before he was born. He took the costumed identity of Hotshot, and began working for Hero Hotline. He mainly took the job to make his mother Irma happy, but she expects him to make more out of himself one day. He adores fellow teammate Diamondette, who mainly finds him useful in lighting her cigarettes. His greatest accomplishment as a hero has been moving out of his parents' house, and he also aided the team from being taken apart by the Calculator.


  • Pyrokinesis Hotshot shot fireballs of varying temperature and size from his fingertips, and had some ability in aiming them.


He uses a customized motorcycle for transport.



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