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Quote1.png It's funny how things can change so quickly. After a while, you don't even recognize yourself anymore. Forgive me, Kirk. Quote2.png
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Will Magnus was a mad scientist and enemy of the Justice League.

Years ago, William Magnus was a college friend to Kirk Langstrom and Tina. During their final days as members of Luthor's Boys, Will discovered Kirk was dying of cancer, forcing the former to inject a prototype serum which utilized bat DNA. The results turned Kirk into the living vampire better known as Batman. Over time, William and Tina married, while Will looked into a cure for his friend's condition. However Tina constantly pressured Will into saving Kirk, all to the point where he struck her. Tina stumbled back and hit her head on the coffee table, killing her. Distraught by what he had done, Will came to the conclusion that if someone like him could do such a thing, then no one could be trusted with their own emotions. Will developed a nanite bomb, which would have linked everyone on Earth as one hive mind, and created Platinum, a liquid metal robot to take Tina's place so no one would be suspicious. However, the only power source capable of utilizing this weapon existed in The Tower of Justice, Superman's rocket. Realizing he couldn't get in by normal means, Magnus created a trio of robots who's abilities mimic the League's. Each robot killed some of his old colleagues, Victor, Ray, and Silas. The machines continued to kill, where it appeared that Will had been burnt alive.

Only it was discovered Magnus had augmented his body with nanotech to fight Batman on equal terms and take control of the tower while the army dealt with Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Magnus fought. After seeing Superman and Wonder Woman destroy both the rocket and bomb, Magnus remorsefully commits suicide.





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