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Quote1 You see the problem wasn't that the Metal Men wanted to destroy us or enslave us like Mercury would babble on about. The problem, Mr. Stone, is that they wanted to be us. They wanted to hang out and watch television and find love. They wouldn't follow orders. They wouldn't listen to me. Quote2
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Dr. Will Magnus is a brilliant engineer. He used the Responsometer to bring metals to life, resulting in the Metal Men.

Will Magnus had an eventful life. His parents, upon discovering his genius, forced him to hack secure bank accounts for their benefit and then left him to take the blame. He was sent to a juvenile detention facility, but from there went on to study robotics at Carnegie Mellon, where he was assigned to Dr Tom Morrow. Upon graduation, he was immediately recruited by a US Army think tank to work on artificial intelligence.

Locking himself in his lab and communicating mostly by text messages, he worked on his design. His responsonometer software was apparently successful, but the robots produced - dubbed "Metal Men" - were too independent, too human, to be used... especially as Magnus had begun the project building search-and-rescue units, and the Army wanted to use them to kill people.

The robots successfully saved a city in Maryland from a chemical monster built using Magnus' technology at the cost of their own lives. Magnus stayed on in his lab, in a diminished version of his old job, until the Crime Syndicate took over the world's technology. He then broke his pattern to help Cyborg and the revived Metal Men defeat Grid.


  • Mechanical Engineering: Doc Magnus created the Metal Men from scratch using funding and research through the US Military.
  • Gadgetry: Doc Magnus created what other scientists called a fool's dream, the Responsometer.
  • Science: Doc Magnus' intelligence lies in his scientific knowledge which often times puts him at ends with other humans, for which he finds they have many faults.




Will Magnus and the Metal Men
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