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Quote1 Sin is rampant everywhere, and the sinners go unpunished. Quote2
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Reverend William "Billy" Miggs is the head of a militant church called the Southern Order of Change.


They are religious fanatics who perform terrorist acts to get their point across. The followers are often referred to as metal angels. The church is responsible for the deaths of nine people before Miggs was arrested. They have access to high tech equipment and weapons like bombs, lasers and even flying battle suits of armor.

Green Arrow

When Reverend Miggs was being held in police custody during his transport to Arkansas. Green Arrow he is approached by Federal Marshal Haley Donovan to help with the escort the Reverend Billy Miggs to the airport so he can be extradited to Arkansas for arraignment. Due to the access to high-tech weaponry and armor that Miggs's terroristic followers had, Donovan enlisted Oliver's because she believed that he would be willing to kill, if necessary, to prevent Miggs's escape. She knew mentioned Queen's killing of Prometheus as being the why she sought him out.

The ride to the airport is only about five minutes, He exchanged some ideology with Green Arrow and United States Federal Marshal Haley Donovan claiming that "Sin is rampant everywhere, and the sinners go unpunished" along with "I'am God's Gabriel on Earth and I have a Legion of Metal Angels which will change things". The van transporting Miggs, Donovan, and Miggs comes under attack from his well-equipped followers. Oliver both deftly combats them while saving numerous pedestrians' lives in the process. After fending off all but one of Miggs's would-be liberators, the circumstances take a turn that forces Oliver to make an ethically harrowing decision: stop Migg's last follower by shooting him in the head and potentially killing him, or letting him potentially free Miggs. For a brief moment,his mind once again goes back to when he tested out arrows on cadavers and he makes a choice.

The pursuing follower summons aid and a newly formed troop of Miggs's followers precede to liberate their leader. Once again, Oliver has a choice: kill the prisoner or let him escape. Donovan futilely lets off a few rounds in an attempt to stop Miggs, but he escapes. Oliver apologizes to Donovan but she reprimands him reminding him that more lives may be lost due to his inaction. Queen tells himself that he is going after Miggs.[1]

After his escape Reverend Miggs commits several more murders which he always believes he is doing God's work and punishing sinners. Reverend Miggs is finally captured when Green Arrow tracks down his supplier, Ralston and beats his location out of him.[2]

However still believing he is right in God's eye doesn't believe Green Arrow can defeat him and when he finally does in anger Reverend Miggs tries to blow up the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. by using the self-destruct system in the armor. But in the end Green Arrow saves Reverend Miggs's target whiles Haley Donovan saves the Reverend's life. Reverend Miggs is then sent to Arkansas Federal Prison.[3]



  • Armored suits



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