While hiking in the desert/wilderness Will Payton was hit by a beam of energy from a satellite and gained superhuman powers. From the beam Will was basically transformed into a living star. As Starman, he had a short career as a super-hero, fighting menaces like the Power Elite, Bolt, Doctor Polaris, and Eclipso, the latter of which apparently resulted in his death.

Will turned up alive on the Throneworld and was saved by Jack Knight (who was engaged to Will's sister Jayne who was known as Sadie then). They both learned that Will died when he was hit by the beam of energy and he was basically the reincarnation of Prince Gavyn. After briefly returning to Earth to help Jack defend Opal City, he permenantly took the form of Prince Gavyn and remained in the stars.


  • Unique Physiology: When Starman was hit by a mysterious beam of cosmic energy he was transformed into a living, sentient star. He gained new superhuman abilities which allowed him to take on the costume career of Starman.



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