William "Will" Payton is a hero known as Starman.


In 1988, the Stellaron-5 satellite attempted to capture a fragment of the power of the Totality decades before it would arrive in full, but it proved to be too limited for the task. The satellite's systems backfired one by one, firing a beam of light towards Earth that hit Will Payton, walking in the Rockies, infusing him with a strange energy that gave him superpowers.[1]

Payton became a grassroots superhero, but found himself pursued by the scientists who operated the Stellaron-5, seeking the secrets of the Totality contained in his physiology.[1] During his adventures, he assisted Carter Hall in his search for answers about the origins of Nth Metal.[2]

A present-day Lex Luthor, pursuing his own search for the Totality's secrets, travelled back in time and captured Payton, torturing and experimenting on him, and gaining crucial information from him which Luthor then wiped from his mind. Somehow, Payton eventually managed to escape, finding his way to that era's Justice League.[1]


  • Unique Physiology: After being hit by a piece of the Totality, Will Payton gained extraordinary solar-powered abilities. Using these abilities Payton took up the moniker Starman to fight evil.[1] He contains enough solar energy in his body to destroy the Earth in a surge of energy.[3]
    • Clairvoyance: Because of his connection to the Totality, Payton can see all corners of the Multiverse at once.[3]
    • Flight: Starman has shown himself to be capable of unaided flight.[1]
    • Power Distribution: Will Payton can empower solar-based superheroes such as Kryptonians by bathing them in his solar energy. He was able to empower Superman so much that the Man of Steel thought he could crack the Earth with a footstep,[3]
    • Superhuman Durability: Payton ha survived a fall of several hundred feet and remained completely unwounded.[1]
    • Portal Creation: Will's abilities enable him to create star shaped gateways which collapse distances between space-time. There seems to be no discernible limit to size or distance that his portals can cover as he's able to bring objects as big as planets, backed by a sizable army, through them with ease.[4]


  • Prior to gaining powers, Starman had red hair, but once he was hit by the comet Payton gained white hair. However he has also been shown with black hair for some unknown reason.



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