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Sergeant William Pettit was a SWAT officer in the Gotham City Police Department. During No Man's Land, he lead a group of hardline cops in direct opposition against James Gordon.

A zealous sergeant in the Gotham City Police Department, Pettit led the SWAT team and was always more than happy to go into action, displaying a willingness to storm into situations rather than try any diplomatic solutions. Nonetheless, he was very good at his job and survived several years in a city notorious for its many dangerous costumed criminals. When the city was cut off from the rest of the USA and declared a 'No Man's Land' following a massive, devastating earthquake in Gotham, Pettit was one of the many police officers who remained behind. Pettit and James Gordon secured a portion of the city for the police force while protecting the citizens within. Pettit soon became dissatisfied with Gordon's leadership, frequently criticizing him for not taking a stronger stance on issues and for being afraid to deal strongly with their enemies. Eventually, he led a rival faction of former police officers who were prepared to do whatever it took to survive, having salvaged a large supply of bullets, and allied himself with the Huntress.

However, the pressures of the situation caused him to lose his grip on reality and he became increasingly dictatorial to the point where he was practically indistinguishable from any of the crime lords who controlled areas of Gotham, even becoming angry when his men began to leave his territory to work at the new LexCorp building sites following the re-opening of the city. In a confrontation with the Joker, it became clear that he was no longer capable of command and had become extraordinarily dangerous himself. Some of Pettit's men who tried to leave his command were captured and dressed to look like the Joker. Pettit shot each and every one of them as they appeared, without seeming to care at all even when some of them tried to announce their true identities. When Foley left to get help from the other police faction, Pettit shot and killed him too, as he had not been granted permission to leave. Huntress tried to get him to see sense, but even as she tried in vain, Pettit was himself killed by the Joker.


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