Professor William "Bill" Schmitz was a scientist employed at the STAR Labs facility in Salt Lake City.

After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the new Flash, Wally West had been unable to break the sound barrier. He visited STAR Labs in hopes to enhance his powers. Professor Schmitz was in charge of studying him.

During their testing, Wally awakened the electro-mechano-organic intelligence Kilg%re. It followed the speedster back to the laboratory, where it then removed Schmitz's finger when the scientist attempted to touch the dome-like form Kilg%re had taken.

Kilg%re used the genetic material from Schmitz's finger to clone a new Schmitz, one that contained many robotic parts underneath its skin. Kilg%re intended to use this new Schmitz as a vehicle for preserving its consciousness. However, when Cyborg was able to organize a worldwide shutdown of the power grid, Wally was able to keep Kilg%re and the Schmitz clone separated until Kilg%re ran out of power.

The biological material of the clone burned away from friction in Wally's race with Kilg%re, and the Titans took away the remaining android skeleton for further study.

No trace of the real Schmitz was ever recovered. Wally theorized that the clone had lured Schmitz into the desert and took his place after murdering him.



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