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Quote1.png Ye surprise me, Blood! I took ye for a lily-livered woopsie, all mouth an' no evil! So ye're sailin' with us after all, are ye? Then welcome to The Butcher's Hook, ye whoreson fop! Quote2.png
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Long ago, Billy Scumm made a bargain with Lucifer for the power to be immune to harm. He used (or squandered) his invulnerability to become the feared captain of the pirate ship, The Butcher's Hook.

The Shanty of Captain Scumm

Most of Captain Scumm's history before his infamy as a merciless pirate is a mystery. It's said he killed his own parents and fed them to a bear, but this may just be a sailor's folktale. His crew was comprised of grotesque brigands who were equally as murderous and mentally unstable as their leader, including Pig McGurk, Suspect Sal and Jimmy Rancid.

One dark and stormy night, when Scumm and his crew were drinking in O'Satan's Tavern, they were approached by an English fop who introduced himself as Jason Blood. Scumm was about to carve him up, when the arrogant stranger claimed he could make them all rich. Blood explained he had come into the possession of an ancient text. It spoke of a mighty tower growing out of the waves of the southern seas, where men who have mastered the ability to breathe underwater, have hoarded the treasures of all the sunken ships throughout history. All Blood required was a crew crazy enough to sail him there. Captain Scumm and his crew agreed on Blood joining them if he did indeed lead them to untold wealth, of course, Scumm intended to betray the swab once they had the riches anyway.

The journey was long, and the enigmatic Blood spent most of his time alone in the fo'c'sle cabin, while the impatient crew speculated on his strange behaviour. Breaking the monotony of the open ocean, The Butcher's Hook crossed paths with the freighter Santa Alec. Thinking them easy pickings, Scumm opened fire on the vessel, much to Blood's disapproval. The Santa Alec was no sitting duck, once the pirates had drawn close to board, they opened fire themselves with twenty twelve-inch cannons. The dumbfounded Captain Scumm was helpless in the midst of defeat, until a bone chilling laugh hung in the salty air. Every man on both ships froze as a fierce demon bounded onto the Santa Alec. Etrigan and his hellfire made short work of the rival crew before he disappeared as eerily as he arrived. Blood denied all knowledge of the fiend and rebuked Scumm once more for his stupidity.

After another month at sea, upon reaching the Antarctic, Blood stood at the bow of the ship and conjured the otherworldly gates to a extramundane realm. Here they sailed for a week, navigating through lost ships from other times and lands, until they finally spied the dark tower penetrating the crimson sky. They scaled the tower with little resistance, reaching the highest chamber only to find it barren. Outside an orange glow caught Suspect Sal's eye, The Butcher's Hook engulfed in flame, and the demon roaring with laughter whilst flipping them the bird. Captain Scumm, in all his fury, ordered the death of the traitorous beast but Sal and Pig had already been gunned down by Jason Blood. It was then that Lucifer revealed himself and the illusion faded away. Scumm's debt to the Lord of Hell was ten years past due, so Etrigan and Blood had delivered him to Lord Lucifer on his request.

Scumm was suspended by hooks from the ceiling, while Lucifer and his associates toasted their success with his blood.[1]


Captain Scumm as a demon lord.

After Lucifer abandoned his position in Hell, Karrien Excalibris stormed the Inferno. During the war for Hell, Etrigan was captured by the angel forces and handed over to old enemies with an axe to grind, General von Raddel and Captain Scumm, now both demon lords. The vengeful twosome, along with Pig and Sal, set about torturing the demon by repeatedly driving over him with their infernal Hellpanzer. However, the vindictive assault was interrupted when the group was distracted by the appearance of Baytor, while Bloodklott rescued Etrigan. Captain Scumm, reacting to a tap on his shoulder, turned to face a mangled Etrigan who, with a single uppercut, detached Scumm's head from his body. The fleeing Pig and Sal were demolished by Baytor's demonic vomit.[2]


  • Invulnerability: Scumm was immune to harm, but had to surrender his soul to Lucifer as payment once his time had expired.[1]
  • Demonic Physiology: Scumm was promoted to a true demon lord after his death.[2]
    • Wings: His demonic transformation gave him wings. He never demonstrated if they were capable of flight.[2]



  • Mental Illness: Scumm was an irrational violent psychopath.[1]
  • Stupidity: Scumm exhibited very poor judgement on several occasions.[1]
  • Greed: Scumm's greed is a contributing factor to ignoring ominous situations.[1]


  • The Butcher's Hook: Pirate ship
  • Hellpanzer: After his death and becoming a demon lord, Scumm joined forces with General von Raddel who shared his unholy tank.[2]


  • Cutlass
  • Pistols
  • Corkscrew hand: After becoming a demon lord, he replaced the screw with an anchor.[2]



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