William Somerset was an American General who spearheaded the Reaper Initiative, as a response to his wearisome concern of the Number of the Beast Program created by Zebulon McCandless.

He was alerted to The High's introduction to the NOTB Program and it's compromise, which forced him to activate the Reapers to eliminate the NOTB's post-human prisoners. However, the Reapers were compromised from their original programming upon entering the Bleed and running worldwide devastation. Somerset was confronted by The High himself at the Pentagon where he was demanded by the said hero into deactivating the Reapers. He insisted that there was nothing he or his government can do to stop the Reapers in which this was asserted by the Daemonite Slyxx - who was the co-conspirator of the NOTB Program - who informed The High that the Reapers would destroy the world. Somerset was then warned by The High that he will be punished for creating the Reapers and his association with the NOTB before The High departed. Afterward, he discovered his personnel were murdered by Slyxx, who informed Somerset that he had contacted the Daemonite command-creche of Earth's inevitable destruction with the words "mission accomplished" - implying that the Daemonites had a hand in wasting the planet. Somerset's fate following Armageddon remains unknown.



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