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The leader of the Losers, Captain William Storm led his team on Operation Four Horsemen in rescuing Colonel Richard Flagg and his men on the once uncharted Dinosaur Island. After being violently landing on the island, Captain Storm and the Losers were beset by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Storm and Johnny Cloud managed to force away the dinosaur with grenades, but saw the death of their youngest member Gunner. Storm and his remaining men managed to find Colonel Flagg's hideout in a cave and rested there for the night.

Upon the next morning, Storm and Cloud were awoken by bazooka fire and learned that Sarge was attempting to avenge Gunner's death by killing the same T-rex from last night. Both Storm and Johnny Cloud followed to where Sarge was but only to find themselves preyed on by pterodactyls. Storm's artificial leg was damaged and was force to be carry by Cloud. But Storm was then grabbed by a pterodactyl and, despite of Cloud's efforts, let himself to be taken away to save Cloud's life.

Surprisingly, this is not the end of Captain Storm as it is later revealed that he had survived his encounter with the pterodactyls.[1]When Superman and his son Jonathan, were accidentally transported through time and space to Dinosaur Island, they encounter Storm, who explained that he had been taken to the pterodactyls nest to be fed to its young. After killing the male parent and escaping the nest, he had made his way back to the cave. However, he had arrived too late as Cloud had already died during his final encounter with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It is later revealed that Storm had tamed the mother pterodactyl, named her Myrna, and uses her to travel around the island. Storm agreed to help Superman and his son find the device that had transported them to the island. However, during a battle with some of the mutated denizens of the area, Storm decided to stay behind and prevent any of the beasts from escaping to the outside world. Storm's final fate is unknown as he was last seen fighting the monsters.


  • Military Protocol
  • Firearms Storm is proficient in using World War II-era small arms, such as the M1 and M3 Submachine Guns and the M1 Bazooka.
  • William Storm only has one eye and a wooden leg due to injuries he sustained in his line of duty.



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