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Captain William Storm was the leader of the World War II unit known as the Losers.

His squad was usually tasked with handling the more bizarre missions of the war. Storm lost his leg when his military boat crashed into a Japanese boat, forcing him to use a prosthetic. He also lost his eye after running into a church to rescue people trapped and the building exploded.[1]

During the war, Storm and the Losers were sent to Nanda Parbat to stop General Electric from searching for the mystical metal Orichalcum. Storm and his partner Johnny Cloud were captured and forced to mine the mountain looking for the metal. They were eventually saved by a time-displaced Forager, but the entire event was wiped from the Losers' memories by Rama Kushna.[2]

The Losers were later given a mission on Dinosaur Island before the end of the war. However, when they arrived, Storm was abducted by a pterodactyl who intended to feed him to her babies. He, instead, tamed the pterodactyl and returned to find that his entire squad had been wiped out. He survived into the modern age, never having learned that World War II had ended until he met Superman and his son we became trapped as well. Storm helped them in their escape but seemingly sacrificed himself to stop the dinosaurs from following them. Though he claimed he was going to be with the Losers, Superman assured his son that men like Storm don't die that easily.[3]

Both Superboy and Superman would later make good on their promise to bring Captain Storm back to the United States.[4] Using the same device that had transported them to Dinosaur Island previously, the super-powered father and son duo would find themselves teleported inside the stomach of a T-Rex. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as their exit from the giant monster actually saved Storm from being devoured by it. It was later learned that the island's denizens had mutated into zombie-like creatures, after feeding on the dead bodies of American, German and Japanese soldiers. Storm had been affected as well, after being bitten by one of the mutants, and growing a lizard-like leg that replaced his missing appendage. After retrieving the dog tags of his fallen comrades, Storm willingly went back with Superman and Superboy to modern day Metropolis.

Storm would later receive a new, cybernetic prosthetic leg to replace the lizard limb, courtesy of S.T.A.R. Labs and Cyborg's father. Entrusting him with their secret identities, the Kents would help the World War II veteran become acclimated to 21st Century. After getting debriefed by the CIA and receiving a large amount of back pay from the VA, Storm was last seen traveling the United States, intent on delivering the dog tags of his fellow Losers to their families.