A life-long resident of Smallville. By the 1960's, William Tate had joined the Sheriff's Department as a deputy. He was also deeply in love with a local woman named Louise McCallum, but she was married to his friend, Dexter. In 1961, William caught Louise having an affair with a drifter named "Joe". Seeing an opportunity to get rid of Louise's husband and have her to himself, William released Lachlan Luthor, whom he'd arrested a few days before for armed robbery, in return for Lachlan killing the drifter.[1]

William had hoped to frame Dexter for the drifter's murder, but Lachlan accidentally killed Louise, instead of the drifter. Arriving on the scene, William found Dexter holding Louise's body and arrested him for murder. William continued his career within the Sheriff's Department, eventually becoming sheriff of Smallville[1]. However, by the early 1990's, William retired from law enforcement and ran for mayor.[2]

William served as mayor of the town, until 2003, when he was confronted by the apparent ghost of the drifter, who told him to confess what he'd done, or he'd never have another day of peace. Horrified, William confessed to sheriff Adams and was taken into custody, while Dexter was released from prison.[1]

  • In "Crush", the mayor's last name is given as "Siegel".[3]



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