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Willie Watt was a classmate of Terry McGinnis who was usually picked on.

Willie developed a crush on the popular girl at Hamilton Hill High School, Blade when the bully, Nelson, started attacking him, but was stopped by Terry McGinnis. Soon after, he went to his father saying that he needed to fight back, but he used it as another way by steal the G.O.L.E.M. and smash Nelson's car. After the experience Willie gained the power of electrokinesis. Then Blade used Willie to get back at Nelson at the dance, but was stopped by Batman and taken to a detention center.

Several months later, Willie had not only bulked up, but had also gained the ability of long ranged telekinesis through his connection to the G.O.L.E.M. With these powers, he caused events all over Hamilton Hill High, giving the illusion it was haunted from his cell. After deducing Willie's connection to the events, Terry confronted the boy and caught him in his lie. Being that nobody had visited him, including his father, and had been in solitary for so long, Willie couldn't have known of the damages done to the school. Realizing he was caught, Willie used his powers to escape. With the help of Commissioner Gordon, Terry got the school shut down, knowing Willie would directly target it. Batman managed to stop Willie who directly targeted Bobbi. Willie was later returned to his cell, now outfitted with a helmet to suppress his powers.


  • Mechanokinesis: Willie is in control of a power construction robot called the "G.O.L.E.M.", it responds to his mental commands and he can even control the machine directly. With these powers, he could move objects with a thought.
  • Telekinesis: After being sent to juvie, Willie developed the ability to expand his powers to manipulate objects other then machinery.
    • Flight: Using telekinesis Willie could levitate himself in the air.
  • Electrokinesis



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