William Wildeagle is of Native American heritage. He is the son of the Chief of his tribe who named him after a dream he, and his father, both had regarding "a great battle with animal spirits from the stars." William fought in World War II and studied Anthropology at the University of Chicago. By 1950 he was running the "Museum of Indian Culture," a small tourist-level museum in New Mexico. Following the underground testing of an atomic bomb by the U.S. Army, William discovered a newly revealed cavern containing very old drawings. After seeing a televised report on similar drawings in France followed by an interview with Carter Hall, William contacted Carter about the drawings and led him to them when Carter arrived. It was during this visit that they witnessed a Constellation Being, an ancient stellar energy being summoned by Vandal Savage as part of an attempt at global conquest. William assisted Carter, deducing his identity as Hawkman in the process, and the other assembled members of the Justice Society in thwarting Vandal's plans.




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