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Billy Wintergreen is a member of Team 7, an elite division the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, partnered with Slade Wilson.

The two men were sent to Lian Yu to extract Yao Fei. Wintergreen betrays Slade and joins Edward Fyers, ironically now hunting the man he was originally ordered to rescue. Wintergreen captures Oliver Queen and tortures him for information on Yao. When it becomes apparent that Oliver either knows nothing or will not talk, Wintergreen prepares to execute him, but before he can, Yao attacks him, subduing him long enough to escape with Oliver. The mercs retaliate by setting a trap: Fyers allows himself to be captured, offering to lead Oliver and Yao to his private plane if they spare his life. Wintergreen and the remaining mercenaries ambush them, with Yao telling Oliver to run while he holds them off. Wintergreen duels with Yao a second time, this time managing to overpower and capture him. Eventually, Wintergreen is about to execute a recaptured Oliver, but is stopped by Slade. The former friends duel, and Wintergreen is seemingly killed when Slade stabs him in the eye with a combat knife.


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