Grifter was a member of Team Zero.

William S. Miller enlisted in the U.S. Army on January 24th, 1942 and becoming a part of the 5307th Composite Unit, widely known as Merrill's Marauders, while serving in the South-East Asian Theater. Miller is a gambler and a corporal, formerly a 1st Lieutenant, formerly a 2nd Lieutenant and formerly a Tech Sergeant. His specialty is requisitions and as his demotions hint at, most of those requisitions are illegal. Miller was recruited into Team Zero and given the codename "Grifter". He and his unit participated in Operation: Blue Plate where he was blown off from Team Zero while parachuting into Peenemünde due to a snow squall. While separated Miller then discovered Team Zero's glider - that is to be use for their extraction - was destroyed in the squall. After wandering, Miller encountered a German family who had retreated to the countryside from the Allies air raids and earned their trust in bringing him to be reunited with Team Zero and informed on the bad news, which further exacerbated when Miller made coded contact from the OSS that there won't be another extraction.[1]

When Soviet forces entered into Karlshagen, Miller was concerned on the safety of the German family when being harassed by leering Soviet soldiers, especially on the women, and was kept from doing anything by Marc Slayton. However, when the women were about to be rape, Miller unhesitatingly killed the soldiers. Eventually, after Team Zero killed the Soviets they were then forced to delay an larger advancing Soviet force. Miller was ordered to drive out the German rocket scientists, their research, and anyone who wanted to leave by truck to Allied lines while the rest of his team delayed the Soviets.[2] Miller was assisted by the oldest daughter of the family, Inge, who helped him in bypassing German checkpoints.[3] When crossing an apparent German checkpoint, Miller was betrayed by Inge who had intended to lead themselves into German hands and planned to turn in Miller. However, Inge is then shot to death which then reveal that they had come across a British checkpoint. Miller and along with Marc Slayton became the only survivors of Team Zero.[4]




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