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Willis Todd is the father of Jason Todd, who returned after an assumed death as Wingman.

Willis Todd was a low life and the father of Jason Todd. His actions led to him serving jail time with the man who would become Solitary. Meanwhile, his wife Catherine Todd would die leaving Jason as an orphan living on the streets. He would apparently die in prison. However in reality, him along with other prisoners were being experimented on.

When Artemis destroyed the prison on the orders of Black Mask, Willis escaped. He returned a few years later in order to hunt down Jason, who is now going by Red Hood. In order to disguise himself, he took up the identity of Wingman which was briefly used by Jason to impersonate another vigilante. His motives appeared to be to make Red Hood return to Gotham City After they confronted each other, they made an uneasy alliance but Willis kept his identity a secret.[2] He then acted as a bodyguard for Jason after he took over the Iceberg Lounge. When Jason decided he was tired of running the lounge, he left it to Susie Su and lets Willis leave. Before leaving, Jason talks to Wingman about how his father would talk about running Gotham not realizing that Wingman was his father. When Jason is out of earshot, Willis says that he will always be proud of Jason.[3]


  • Willis had a bat-shaped scar from where Batman branded him.[1]



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