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Quote1 You're young. You can afford to be a little stupid. If you're lucky, maybe you'll live a little longer. Maybe they'll back you into a few dark corners. Then you may surprise yourself what you're really capable of. Quote2
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Willoughby Kipling is a curt and callous occult magician and member of the Knights Templar who occasionally aids the Doom Patrol in their world-saving escapades.

Early Life

In his childhood, Willoughby Kipling had an imaginary puppet friend of Punch and Judy.[4] At some point, Kipling learned magic and became the leader of the Knights Templar, an association of wizards dedicated to protecting the world from dangerous threats.[5]

During the 1990s, Kipling met Niles Caulder, a paralyzed scientist, with whom he befriended, and together they defeated the Cult of the Unwritten Book, a cult dedicated to the end of the world. The duo of friends met Baphomet, a magical horsehead, whom Kipling fell in love with, but she had feelings for Niles.[1][2][6]

Battling the Decreator

At his motel, Kipling learned of the cult, so he went to Caulder's manor to ask for help in summoning Baphomet, but ran into his test subjects, Rita Farr, a woman with elastic powers, Larry Trainor, a radioactive man, Cliff Steele, a robot with anger issues, Jane, a girl with 64 different personalities, and Victor Stone, a superhero named Cyborg, whom he saw as idiots. After learning the location of Elliot Patterson, the Book, from Baphomet, Kipling, Vic, Larry, and Rita took it upon themselves to look after Elliot while Cliff and Jane locked the doors of the cult's base, Nürnheim.

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During a talk with Vic, he revealed that Niles was a ruthless person who would do anything to save the world. Kipling and Vic were in charge of facing the Dry Bachelors to prevent them from taking Elliot and they managed to win together with their magic and technology until the Hoodsmen appeared from Nürnheim, so Kipling left Vic alone to kill Elliot and prevent them from reading Elliot, but Rita stopped him, however, the cult summoned the Decreator, the eye that would destroy the world.[1]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Paw Patrol

A dog to save the world

With no idea what to do, Kipling, Larry, Rita, and Vic tried to figure out a way to stop the Decreator, but Niles arrived to help find the Book of Rewriting, a person who would stop the Decreator, with the help of Mister Nobody, a being. with interdimensional power and archenemy of Niles. After finding the person, the team headed to the house, but discovered that the book was actually a pug, and Kipling read it to summon the Recreator, the Decreator's rival, to destroy it, and revive all those who died. After saving the world, Kipling said goodbye to everyone, before returning to his duty.[6]

The Candlemaker

Some months later, Kipling was summoned by Niles at the Cliff Race Track to inform him that Dorothy Spinner, Caulder's daughter with imaginary friends in her head, was here, which surprised Kipling, as the Candlemaker, the creature Dorothy's most dangerous, could cause the end of the world. He found out that he had to make Niles and his team bigger, although he refused because it came with a price, and Niles offered him the Painting That Ate Paris, but Kipling rejected it because Mister Nobody was kept locked in the painting and Beard Hunter, a man capable of eating beards.

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A deal with a friend

Kipling was struck by Niles' Longevity Talisman, though he refused to give it to him. The next day, Kipling was summoned again to help Niles and his friends return to normal size. He met with Niles to discuss their agreement and how Niles would keep Dorothy in check. Kipling took the talisman, but warned Niles that he must find a way to continue living, which he accepted, and also took the painting to give to Horst Eissman.[7]

Willoughby Kipling Doom Patrol TV Series 002

"You don't need a torso to have a heart."

After learning that the painting was infested with Scants, pink creatures that feed on nonsense, Kipling traveled to the manor to inform Vic, Larry, Miranda, a Jane personality, and Roni Evers, the Vic's girlfriend, of the invasion, leaving them a note. video so they know everything. Due to losing his mask, Kipling fell into the gas of bad ideas from the Scants and entered the White Space, where he met with the group, since he had a plan to be killed and then attack, something that was bad idea. Kipling and the team met the Scant Queen, the leader, who told them her secrets, and he was adamant about his love for Baphomet. When Miranda murdered the queen, Kipling and the group returned to normal before returning to the real world, where Kipling sent a message to Baphomet.[2]

Kipling was later summoned by Niles to the Yukon to kill Dorothy and prevent Candlemaker's arrival, but Niles decided to spend one last day with her. Kipling and the Knights Templar questioned Bunbury, a magical rabbit, which warned of the end of the world, so Kipling informed Niles that they would meet at the county fair. At the fair, Kipling argued with Niles about the situation and helped him up due to the fact that he began to die, however, the duo watched as Candlemaker was about to arrive, and Kipling was upset because Niles caused the end of the world.[2][5]

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"You clueless pack of twats have no idea what we're up against."

Kipling managed to survive the Candlemaker and met up with the team, who came to save Dorothy, but tried to warn them to escape, as the creature would use their imaginary friends against them. The team ignored him and Kipling was attacked by his imaginary puppet being dragged away and turned into a wax statue by Candlemaker. However, Kipling and the others returned to normal thanks to Dorothy calming down Candlemaker.[4][8]

Zombies and Butts

Kipling brought Niles back to life using only his friend's head to communicate from the afterlife, though he revived him to conquer Baphomet. Niles tried to talk to Baphomet, but Kipling's plan failed, as she rejected him. Darren Jones, a former Bureau of Normalcy agent, attacked Kipling and took Niles and his coat to give him a threat to give to Caulder's friends. To save his friend, Kipling went to the manor, where he learned that the team had turned into Zombies, and met Laura De Mille, a time traveler.

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Undead Patrol

On a mission with the undead

After showing the threat, Kipling changed his plans for the rescue and gave Laura a hat with a pine tree to prevent the zombie team from eating them. Kipling and the others traveled to Darren's farm and gave Laura pee from Dragon to exploit Jones. The team entered the farm, where they found a book, and Kipling retrieved his coat until Darren arrived. After Darren delivered his villainous monologue, Kipling and the others were attacked by Darren and his army of Butts, wild creatures that were butts, and the team went on a rampage by killing all the butts.

After saving Niles's head, Kipling and Laura fled because the zombies would eat them until Niles revealed that he can heal the team by sacrificing his brain to return them to normal, but Kipling knew that if he dies, he will no longer be able to revive him, although Niles accepted his fate, and the duo shared an emotional farewell. Kipling received advice from Niles to make Baphomet fall in love with him and left through his portal after saying goodbye to his friend.[9]

Rise of Immortus

While watching Graham Norton series, Kipling was called by the Knights Templar on Bunbury's orders, receiving a photo where in some pastures, they pronounced "Immortus Will Rise", making Kipling laugh, who did not believe it, arguing with Bunbury for having given him the wrong blanket months ago, before remembering that the prophecy of the end of the world spoke only of the Buttpocalypse, but in the event that Immortus appears, Kipling considered that they were fucked.[10]

Doom Patrol TV Series Episode Youth Patrol

Teenager again

Learning of Niles's talisman as part of an Immortus piece and the item's recent theft, Kipling made his way to the manor, meeting with the group, now known as the Doom Patrol, warning of Immortus' possible rise and his quest to get it. again his immortality using his allies to steal the longevity of Rita, Larry, Cliff and Jane, which would cause the destruction of the entire universe, discovering that Rita had lost her longevity to one of Immortus' ruthless allies, Doctor Janus. Kipling and the Doom Patrol were accidentally turned into teenagers by Rita with a youth spell, beginning a journey to their mentor, Mrs. April, to avoid dying as babies, however, Kipling and his friends were distracted at a party realizing they reached their child stage, causing Bunbury and the Knights Templar to return Kipling to his adulthood, watching in horror as Bunbury took Jane's longevity.[3]

Hiding Jane's longevity from Immortus's allies, Kipling was able to reverse the youth spell, saving the Doom Patrol from dying. The Knights Templar were found by the cult of Immortus, who stole Jane's longevity and murdered Bunbury and the other knights, except for Kipling, who managed to flee to the manor, trying to warn Cliff to hide to avoid the rise of Immortus, something Cliff and Jane refused to do, so Kipling only wished them luck in their battle.[11]



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