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Willoughby Kipling is a mystic member of the Knights Templar and occasional ally of the Doom Patrol.

An agent of the mystic Knights Templar, Englishman Willoughby Kipling is a powerful magician and misanthrope who enters the stage only when needed, manipulating people for the greater good. Kipling is constantly drinking, smoking, and cursing and is regarded a disgrace by his fellow Knights. Nevertheless, he has helped the Doom Patrol save the world from the Cult of the Unwritten Book and the Candlemaker. The latter cost him one arm.



  • Missing Limb: Willoughby's arm was reduced to bone by the Candlemaker, though it remained attached and useless at the shoulder.

  • Willoughby Kipling was created because, at the time that his story was being written, editorial would not allow Grant Morrison to use John Constantine in their run on Doom Patrol (Volume 2) for fear of spoiling the realism of the character. Rather than base his replacement character on Sting's appearance (like Constantine was), Kipling is meant to look like Richard E. Grant's character Withnail in Withnail and I. Later, Phil Foglio was forced to create Ambrose Bierce when he was refused the use of both John Constantine and Willoughby Kipling.



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