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Willow was a mysterious reality-hopping traveller who encountered the Justice League.

The Atom, Aquaman, and Elongated Man became involved in a case which took place simultaneously with the other Justice League members' battle against the Manhunters.

The Construct, a mechanoid being whose intellect was a coalescence of Earth's electronically overloaded airwaves, sent his robot henchmen, called Cannons, to apprehend Willow, a mysterious woman from an alternate Earth, who sought the three heroes' help.

While Aquaman and Elongated Man dealt with the threat to the city of Miami, the Atom teamed with Willow in a direct confrontation with the Construct.

In the process, the Construct was apparently destroyed, the Atom learned the secret of Willow's past, and he overcame an inferiority complex which had undermined his fighting efficiency.

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  • Steve Englehart used the character of Willow to continue the "Celestial Madonna" storyline he had written for the Marvel character Mantis. Englehart would later write a further continuation in his Eclipse Comics title Scorpio Rose, this time using the name "Lorelei". Both "Willow" and "Lorelei" are listed as aliases of Mantis in that character's Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe listing, which also gives brief descriptions of the events from the DC and Eclipse issues (while not using any terms trademarked to those companies).



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