Wilson Turner was a voyeuristic predator, who stalked and murdered several women. Because he was a metahuman, Wilson was locked up at Black Creek, a LuthorCorp facility. In 2008, Wilson were released, alongside the other inmates. However, Wilson soon found himself recruited by Tess Mercer. Mercer had him pose as "Sebastian Kane", a Daily Planet reporter. Mercer wanted him to use his abilities to uncover if Lois Lane had stolen an alien crystal from her.[1]

However, when Wilson discovered that Lois knew who he was, he tried to kill her. Clark Kent stopped him. However, when Wilson was touched by Clark, Wilson's ability gave him full knowledge of Clark Kent's secrets. Because of this, Chloe Sullivan killed Wilson.[1]



  • Wilson Turner was born December 5, 1979.[1]
  • According to his Black Creek file, Wilson Turner was ex-military.[1]
  • Chloe Sullivan would later claim that it was Brainiac (who had infected her body and later took it over) who killed Wilson Turner. However, Oliver Queen doubted this claim (as Brainiac would not care if Clark's secret came out).[2]



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