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Wink is a member of the Revolutionaries and the Suicide Squad.


Wink was born in the United States and a kleptomaniac.[1] She was abducted by the "Post-Human project", a group illegally turning people into metahumans, but deemed a failure, as she hid the fact about her gaining the power to teleport, and also took the name "Wink" due to her ability. When she saw the flight of the Aerie, another person who had been experimented upon and was the child of Badhnisia's President Mishra, she was impressed, but saddened upon seeing how they were cruelly restrained. Teleporting into their cell, she tried to strike a friendship and showed her powers to them. She then took them to meet the T.N. Teens Javier and Lola, who were able to cause explosions. Amanda Waller along with KGBeast and Killer Croc however soon showed up to take Lola away as they were talking.[2]

Wink teleported away along with Aerie, but the latter tried rescuing Lola. They were eventually beaten and had their wing bone smashed by Killer Croc, but Wink didn't interfere out of fear of the facility's staff discovering her powers. Over the next six weeks, Wink looked after Aerie and the two eventually fell in love. One day, she decided to escape along with them, but the Aerie decided to bring Javier too despite her being unsure if they can carry two people. As the two escaped, they came under fire from a warplane, but Wink teleported inside its cockpit, before teleporting the pilot outside. Aerie caught her before she fell and promised that they will always be there for her. Wink thus in turn gave them the name "Aerie" which stuck.[2]

She and Aerie later joined the Revolutionaries after being approached by Osita and together with them, waged a war on corrupt governments and industries. They attacked government facilities, oil producing as well as energy-producing facilities and militaries across the globe. Unknown to them, they had were monitored for a year by Lok so he could draft them into the Suicide Squad.[1] After an attack on an American detention facility to free illegal immigrants, they were all declared deserving of execution by their home nations.[3]

While an Australian general was announcing the the deployment of the country's nuclear fleet, consisting of three submarines bought from the United States, Wink teleported him away along with herself high into the sky. Aerie rescued both of them and told the general to evacuate the submarines, but he refused and was dropped to his death. She later teleported T.N. Teen onto one of the submarines to destroy it. The Revolutionaries commandeered the last remaining submarine after destroying the other one. Two days later, the Suicide Aquad attacks them. As they were busy dealing with the rest of the squad, Deadshot shot them with a bullet that injected bombs inside them. Lok forced them to join the Squad by killing T.N. Teen.[1]

Suicide Squad missions

As part of the Suicide Squad, Wink took part in her first mission which involved killing President Mishra of Badhnisia after she lost an election rigged by the United States, but refused to resign from her position. Wink felt uncomfortable about the team working together so soon, but Lok warned them to stay in line if they wanted to remain alive. She along with Osita, Deadshot and Aerie were tasked to free the victorious candidate who was under house arrest. As their plane got hit by the Badhnisian military, Wink teleported her fellow Revolutionaries away and left Deadshot to save himself. She later freed the President-elect and saves Osita from being shot. Osita later pretended that her team had been ambushed and shot the President-elect.[3]

After being told of the President-elect's death in an ambush, Lok shocked all four of them to warn everyone for failing him. Her team was later ordered to reach the Presidential Palace along with Fin and kill the President. Fin re-established their telepathic link since the Shark was now dead and Wink got told by Osita that they'll either had to kill or make Deadshot a part of their plan. After she decided to bring him in, Osita told Wink to kill him if he turned on them and promised to help him end the Suicide Squad program. The Revolutionaries spared President Mishra who felt delighted to meet Wink for the first time, but told her to go into hiding and pretend she's dead. As they returned, Osita tells everyone that Lok is a dangerous man working for someone using the Suicide Squad for their self-interests.[4]

In their second mission, the Squad was tasked with capturing George Harkness after he violated his contract of freedom. After tying up Deadshot and Osita, she demanded to know what happened between the two in Badhnisia and why they let themselves get captured. Osita told her that they all suffered losses due to the Suicide Squad and Wink warned Harley to let them take it down if she wanted to live. As Harley and Deadshot agreed to be a part of their plan to dismantle the Task Force X program, Wink voted to let them in along with Aerie.[5] After believing that Harkness had killed Jog, she and Thylacine beat him up, but soon learnt that Jog had survived.[6]

On the run

After Harkness was brought in, Lok ordered Deadshot to kill him as he knew they had planned to betray him in Badhnisia, but got executed himself. Wink and the others took down nearly all of Lok's men, but Jog got killed. Osita made the one who killed Jog put the Suicide Squad in contact with Lok's master, who turned out to be Ted Kord. Kord warned them all to surrender, but they decided to promise to come after him.[6] The whole team had a bounty put on their heads and was forced to go on the run. Harkness took them to his hideout in Central City, but The Flash soon caught up to them. After realizing that they're the Squad, he decided to help them escape because of what Amanda Waller did to Captain Cold. Wink suggested informing him about Kord, but Osita doesn't trust him.[7]

Per Harkness' plan, Flash dragged the Squad to Death Valley in his van, so they could use The Veil, a jet that was based on Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane. They soon got ambushed by Deathstroke in his heavily armed Death Buggy. Wink got injured and delirious, leaving the team unable to teleport away and forced to fight Deathstroke. Flash intervened and pretended to be killed, making the team run. As Harkness confronted Deathstroke to buy them time, Flash got everyone onto another aircraft that went towards Gotham City, knowing The Veil had a tracker.[7]

The team had the bombs inside them removed from a back-alley doctor in Gotham who tried to poison them, however they caught up to her act. As they traveled back to their plane, they found themselves surrounded by a group of assassins who knocked over their truck with a rocket. As they prepared to confront their adversaries, they found them knocked out by Batman. As they battled him, Wink transported him high up in the air, causing him to use his batrope to save himself. Deathstroke knocked him out by firing his bullets at his batsuit, before telling them to run away as he kept him busy. As they fled, Wink convinced the others about stealing the Batmobile.[8]

The Suicide Squad later arrived at house of Deadshot, who Batman had allowed to retire to a life of peace, to save him from being arrested by the FBI as he was still wanted. Wink teleported his daughter Zoe into the air before she could get shot by the FBI for attacking them with bow-and-arrow, and were grabbed by the Aerie. After dealing with other officers, they decided to take Deadshot's family along until the Task Force X program was disbanded for good.[9]


  • Teleportation: Wink can teleport to another location, however her powers don't allow her to go very far.[2]

Other Characteristics

  • Wink is a fan of the Flash and Batman.[7][8]
  • As The Aerie's girlfriend and a member of the Justice League Queer, Wink is considered part of the LGBTQ+ community.



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