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Quote1.png Look, I don't know what you think you are, but this planet has been at war for generations. We are tired! There are men dying for the same cause as their grandfathers did! Quote2.png
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General Winn Schott was the leader of the Freedom Fighters, a resistance group dedicated to fighting against the Nazi regime.

When the Freedom Fighters Leo Snart and the Ray brought Earth-1 heroes to their secret hideout, General Schott expressed his interest in destroying the only breach back to the Earth-1, therefore cutting off Nazi support between Earths and leaving critical Nazi generals stranded on Earth-1. Leo and the Ray convinced Schott to hold off on the plan for an hour, allowing the Earth-1 heroes enough time to get back to their home Earth. However, General Schott initiated the plan ahead of time anyway, launching the Red Tornado towards the breach, however the Flash and the Ray were able to stop it.




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