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Quote1.png You say that name Toyman with such disdain, but you, you do not understand... Toyman is eternal. Quote2.png
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This version of Winslow Schott, Jr. hails from an alternate universe, which existed before the Crisis, where he succeeded his father, Winslow Schott, Sr., as the Toyman.

On his home reality, Winn's father, the first Toyman, was a famous criminal who died from unknown circumstances. Unlike on Earth-Prime, Winn accepted his legacy and also became the Toyman, being more ruthless than his father.

During the Crisis, his universe was annihilated, along with the rest of the Multiverse, but Toyman managed to save himself by falling through a wormhole on Earth-Prime. There, he discovered that his doppleganger's life was different than his so Toyman decided to screw it up, letting himself be arrested.[1]

He was eventually freed by Lex Luthor who was interested in his knowledge as he was a part of a greater plan to defeat the Leviathan organization: in fact, Toyman's actions caused the return from the future Winn Schott who wanted to clear his name.

Toyman promised his doppleganger to ruin his life forever, ensuring him that his father's criminal legacy will be remembered even in the future. The criminal tried to murder Andrea Rojas with robot tigers but Winn and the Superfriends managed to stop them, forcing Toyman to leave the battlefield.

Winn Schott followed him to a garage where Toyman blew himself up, but not before uploading his mind into the D.E.O's computers.[2]

Later, Toyman's digital self warned the D.E.O.'s agents of his survival, controlling the security and weapons in the building which entered the lockdown state. In the meantime, Lex moved on with his plan, stealing Toyman's code in order to use it against Leviathan.

Winn Schott decided to enter himself into the digital world, uploading himself into it in order to deliver a code that would destroy Toyman's consciousness. There, the evil Toyman was confronted by his Earth-Prime doppleganger, along with a digital version of his father, who eventually managed to successfully use the code to destroy Toyman's mind once and for all.[3]




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