Winslow Schott is the Toyman, an enemy of Superman. He uses toys as a gimmick.

In search of thrills and ill-gotten gains, Metropolis-based toymaker Winslow Schott turned to crime as the villainous Toyman. The Toyman pulled off a string of successful robberies through creative use of his armed toy inventions, such as toy soldiers with guns that shot knockout gas pellets, toy firetrucks that carried incendiaries capable of setting high-rise apartments ablaze, and toy trucks containing explosives powerful enough to take out a bridge. At first, the Toyman even bragged about his crimes to Lois Lane of the Daily Star newspaper, but he kidnapped her and tried to kill her with dolls specially made with poison-tipped needle-point fingers when she got too close to discovering his lair. Naturally, Superman arrived in time to save the day.[1] From then on, Toyman would remain a perennial thorn in Superman's side, although he would typically not amount to a threat level that much greater than mere nuisance. On one occasion, the Toyman built an electronic "toy" brain to help him pull off heists with utmost efficiency, but when he asked it to deduce a method whereby he would be able to defeat Superman, the machine came up with nothing.[2] In certain instances, the Toyman was willing to strike up an alliance with the Prankster or even Luthor to realize his ambitions, though he never succeeded.[3]


  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Mechanical Aptitude: Toyman's threat lies in his aptitude for constructing deadly, weaponized toys of his unique design.
    • Robotic Engineering: Toyman's penchant for the creation of technologically sophisticated "toys" also extends to his ability to make robots and supercomputers.


  • Various Toys: Life sized toys which impersonated various people or did his bidding, high-tech plastic lab equipment, and toys that are just toys for amusement.


  • Various Toys: The Toyman has employed a wide array of vehicles to aid him in his criminal endeavors, all of which are patterned after a toy of some kind. Such vehicles include everything from toy trains to pogo-sticks.


  • Various Toys: Acid spraying squirt guns, toy soldiers with live rounds, toy airplanes with machine guns, wind up tanks with miniaturized shells, exploding balls, acid gum, etc.



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