Winslow Schott was a toymaker. Prior to that he had a career as a chemist. In 1993, he and Miss Duffy (his secretary) were fired from the toy company, after his toys were rejected by children. Angered, Schott devoted the next year to develop a chemical that made children greedy (even violent against each other), while making adults engage in juvenile behavior. The chemical was released via a toy called "Atomic Space Rat", one of which he gave to some orphans, shortly before it was released in the stores. Marketing the rats gave Schott success beyond his wildest expectations, as he had created a toy craze. Miss Duffy expressed her displeasure with this plan, saying that he stood by him in his toy career as he did it to make children happy. Mr. Schott said that he grew disillusioned with toy making as for years he worked hard and wore himself out for meager profits. He noticed the same in Miss Duffy, who every working day he would watch her clock out and catch a bus home. To say that she finally has been rewarded, Schott presented her with a luxury car, which he said came from sales of the Atomic Space Rats, and represented only a tip of the iceberg. Schott also realized that not everyone was going to affected by the rats, and planned his revenge on a grand scale, pouring massive amounts of the chemical into Metropolis' reservoir. However, Superman realized that when the chemical is heated, the effects become far less powerful, more akin to orange juice, and used his heat vision to boil the water supply and neutralize Schott's vengeful plans.

However, Schott's need for revenge drove away Miss Duffy, who went to the orphanage with the last good toys Schott had ever made. Upon learning this, Schott was heartbroken and was brought to the orphanage by Lois & Clark. There, Schott saw a little girl about to be run over and ran to her aid, but didn't have enough to get her out of the way. Luckily, Superman saved them both. Schott saw the errors in his ways, when the little girl rejected the rat, in favor of a teddy bear he had made. This showed him that not everybody is greedy. Superman then allowed Miss Duffy and Mr. Schott to provide for a Christmas party at the orphanage, promising the police he would deliver both to the nearest precinct later on.




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