Born January 24, 1985. Winslow Schott was a genius, who graduated MIT at 15. In July 2001, Winslow was hired by Queen Industries and assigned to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he filed 53 patents. However, Winslow eventually began displaying mental problems. He started bringing toys to work, which didn't raise any eyebrows at first. But, then he started putting explosives inside the toys. Because of this, Oliver Queen had no other choice but to terminate Winslow's employment in November 2003.[1]

At some point over the next few years, Winslow encountered Lex Luthor and entered his service. When Queen bought a controlling share of LuthorCorp, Lex ordered Winslow to blow up Queen and the LuthorCorp board. Winslow managed to kill the board but failed to kill Queen. He tried to correct this mistake, by killing Queen at Metropolis General Hospital, but Queen managed to overpower him and left the hospital with an intent to kill Lex. After Lex was seemingly killed, Winslow became the prime suspect and was not only wanted by the police but was placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.[1]

Months later, Winslow returned to Metropolis and tried to force a confession out of Queen but failed and was arrested. While in custody, Winslow was approached by Tess Mercer, who asked for his help to fix a piece of the cyborg John Corben, which he did.[2] Later, Winslow was convicted and sentenced to the Stryker's Island Penitentiary, but this didn't stop him. Winslow managed to communicate with the outside world, where he set up a group called "Marionette Ventures", that was first motivated by financial gain, but then assigned to taking out members of the Watchtower Network.[3] When Winslow's activities were exposed, he was placed in what they called "hyper-solitary" at the prison, where he was kept under constant supervision.[4]




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