Winslow Schott terrorized Metropolis as the psychotic criminal called the Toyman following Superman's death, threatening to dump a school bus of children over the ledge of a building if the policemen do not back off from him, using his mechanical spider to make his threat clear. With the Toyman distracted, Lois sneaked her way onto the roof to get as many children safely out of the bus as possible, but ended up falling along with the last child when Toyman pushes the bus over the ledge. Surprisingly, the bus was caught and brought safely to the ground by a familiar sight -- that of Superman, now back from the dead (though in reality, it was a clone of Superman created by Lex Luthor from D.N.A. samples in Superman's blood). He also destroyed the mechanical spider and delivered Toyman to the authorities before he flew Lois back home to her apartment. Sometime later, the cloned Superman overheard through a televised newscast that the Toyman murdered a four-year-old girl at a day care center where he took children hostage. He went over to the police station where he saw the Toyman being taken in by the police and grabbed him, flying him high above the city before casually letting him drop to the ground, killed by the fall. The people watch astonished as the cloned Superman flew off, not caring that he had killed a criminal in cold blood.


  • Gadgetry: Skilled inventor of dangerous toys and mechanoid robots.




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