A seedling activator, Wish was also able to influence minds of men to the degree of near-total control, and because of this ability decided she was inherently better than anyone she could have power over. She chose to spend her life amusing herself by manipulating "lesser" beings. After the world was "saved" by the Changers, she planned to find soldiers uncomfortable with peace and others who'd rather not live without violence, and organize war games for her own pleasure. Her feelings and behavior were very much at odds with the others' ideals, and throughout the events leading up to the event of "Change or Die" she took many actions which were later revealed to have little to do with their grand plan except amuse her and distract Stormwatch, such as activating serial killers. She was killed by Henry Bendix, who gave the order for her to be teleported to space.


Mental Manipulation: Her mental powers allow her activate the various portions of her victims brains as she's fit. This ability is highly adaptable and selective upon what portions of the brain she chooses to manipulate, from simply stimulating the sexual centers of the brain to activation of powers in latent superhumans. She can control people like puppets and manipulate their wills.


Concentration: her powers don't work at a moments notice, she must see her target and concentrate a little to attain control.



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